[Userscript] Wanikani Item Inspector

Version 1.4.1 is out. Download it at the link at the beginning of the top post.

According to @ekg comment, the ability to repeat an exported item according to a numerical value has been added to support proper word clouds. It is in the settings.


@ekg please confirm this is working as is needed.


I’m checking it now… ^>^

It works like a charm! :grin: Thank you!! :heart: :purple_heart: :orange_heart:


The top post has been updated and reorganized to reflect the new features added since the original release of Item Inspector.

I just got this idea for a neat feature (at least I thought so), which would allow you to compare a list of leeches taken from the Item Inspector (with or without their leech values, not sure what’s possible here), and then put them against a different leech-list made at a later date - thus exposing which leeches are still on there and which are completely new ones.

(if leech values can be retained, then it would show which leeches are moving up or down the list).

Not sure how any of those things could be accomplished or if they are possible at all to do. But since you said you were working on the script, I figured I might as well put the idea out there. :slight_smile:

I really do feel this script has transformed how I approach leeches already, so kudos for making it! :+1: ^>^


If you can already pull lists of leeches out (at least, I assume so, because word cloud) then maybe make a spreadsheet and dump the list into that? You could do a compare function to see what both lists share? Would also mean you could save a leech record.

Not as easy as if the script did that for you, but it would work ^-^


I do have Excel…now, knowing how to use it properly, I do not! ;;>_>

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Ask, and Google shall provide, hehe


I see…I might wanna have a look into this, in other words. Not sure if I’ll be able to bend it to my will, but I’m gonna check it out. Can’t expect @prouleau to do all the hard work here! :sweat_smile:


This is a neat idea. The difficulty is a browser does not have access to a lot of local storage so keeping an history within the script is out of question. We have to bring the data out of the script and give the work to an external software. An export to a spreadsheet as @Joeni suggested is the way to go.

I can do a quick simple export function when I am done with the next Item Inspector version I am working on. I can make it so that spreadsheet comparisons will be simple.

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You are a darling! :kissing_heart: I’m pretty helpless around these things, so any help is welcome. It’s not a priority right now either, since I wanted to give my recent studies a chance to take effect (well, I already see movement on the Item Inspector-list, so I know something is working. ^>^)


Spreadsheets is the gateway drug to programming


Sounds dangerous! ^^; and I have enough vices as it is…

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Spreadsheeting is a lot of fun!

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Well, I’ll consider it, alright. :sweat_smile:

Version 1.4.2 is out. Download it at the link at the beginning of the top post.

Thanks to @Kumirei who has graciously permitted to reuse some Dashboard Apprentice code in Item Inspector. This came handy in this version and will be useful for some more features that I am planning.

This version is about look and ease of use to make Item Inspector more enjoyable.

First tooltips are renamed popups. Items are not tools so the term tooltip is inappropriate.

Then the look of the popups is improved. See.


Then there is a goodie for those like myself who use the tables to study. The procedure is to go over the items and recite aloud the meaning and reading. Then we use the popup to check the answer. The problem is the items are small and hard to recognize. There is an enlarged version in the popup but consulting this would reveal the meaning and reading before its time. The solution is to have another popup at the right of the item for this purpose. This popup may be annoying for those who don’t use the table for studying. There is a setting to enable or disable it on a table per table basis.


Then there is an issue with Wanikani data that causes some radicals to appear black as below. You may have seen some of those. This is resolved. Now all radicals will show the same color.

Example of the problem:


I have noticed that the Breeze Dark theme changes the height of the lines. This is annoying because Item Inspector is designed to fit the table on one screen to avoid scrolling. Dark Breeze breaks this. A setting has been added to change the number of lines in the table. You may now make the table fit your screen.

A final note to Breeze Dark users. In item Inspector table entries are colored to identify whether an item is radical, kanji or vocabulary. This theme makes all the entries black so this information is lost. This color information is available in the background of popup images, so Breeze Dark users may use that. If there is popular demand from Breeze Dark users to restore the colors in the table I will make an effort.

Coming up next: a data exporter for use with spreadsheet software as per @ekg request.


Ah, yet another exciting development from PRouleau. How I wish all companies outside WK that make products and provide services have the attention to detail, bias to constant improvement, and overall pleasant demeanor to users/subscribers, that you have exhibited and are continuing to exhibit. That “helpful durtle” badge was well earned kind sir!
we’re not worthy! we’re not worthy! we’re not worthy!


Did you just assume his/her/their/its gender?

How did you do this? CSS inversion filter?

Yep! Same as is done in Dashboard Apprentice. This is where I learned this trick. Neat!

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I figure there is a way to do it properly by making it an SVG element and defining the stroke color or something, but I haven’t bothered to find out how that works

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