[Userscript] WaniKani Forum Instagram Embedder

Unleash the Crabigator’s Blessing: WaniKani Forum Instagram Embedder Userscript

Hey there, fellow worshipers! :crab::crocodile:

Feeling crabby about the way our beloved forum handles Instagram posts? Fear not! The almighty Crabigator has blessed us with a divine gift: the “WaniKani Forum Instagram Embedder” userscript. This little gem will prevent all Instagram embedding related woes by automatically converting Instagram post URLs into embeddable iframes for both reels and regular posts!

Here’s the lowdown: Whenever you paste an Instagram post URL (reel or regular) into the compose box, our friendly userscript will work its Crabigator-approved magic by detecting the URL, transforming it into an embeddable iframe, and banishing any pesky extra content after the post ID.

Installation Guide for the Uninitiated:

  1. First, you gotta get yourself a userscript manager. We recommend Tampermonkey. Snag it for your browser using these handy-dandy links:
  1. Got Tampermonkey installed? Sweet! Now, venture over to the script page.
  2. Click the “Install this script” button, and watch as Tampermonkey whisks you away to install the userscript. It’s like magic, but with more Crabigator.
  3. Confirm the installation, and voilà! The userscript is now ready to work its wonders on the WaniKani forum.

So, go forth and share your favorite Instagram posts with ease, knowing you have the Crabigator’s blessing! If you run into any hiccups or have suggestions, please submit via ceremonial burning of durtles, as approved by the scriptures.

Already know all that stuff? Grab it here quick:
— WaniKani Forum Instagram Embedder —


i installed it before realising i don’t instagram lol!


I appreciate the support anyway, hehe

Updated to version 0.8

  • Resolved issue where additional keypresses would result in dupliaced iframe wrapping
  • Modified code to allow for multiple unique URLs to be wrapped automatically