[Userscript] WaniKani Context

Short version: Too easy/difficult is relative.

Longer version:
Too easy or too difficult depend on each preference. Just like banana jitai or any other not so familiar jitai font. Or just like using WK tooltip scripts. Or select the kanji/vocab then press something to summon yomichan power. Or ignore script. Or reorder script. It takes discipline not to abuse ourselves while WK-ing.

I personally think it’ll be too easy if I do my review on my second account which is lower than my main current WK level. For my main account, it’s still as hard as without context sentences. For example this one:

I think it’s good for training myself translating it to other languages (before pressing “f”). Here’s my try withouth pressing “f”: For the sake of increasing my spending time with my family on weekdays, I do all my homeworks at the weekend. Then I pressed “f” and hit “space” and reflected and learned something and sooner or later will learn something (related grammar I haven’t learned).

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