[Userscript] Self-Study Quiz

I have been playing with my privacy settings and script settings.
I thought that I re-enabled cookies, but I am not entirely sure.
I will try it now.

So, now I have turned off every possible privacy feature, and re-enabled cookies.
I see that the little open framework scripts menu is finally there.
… And the self study quiz is working.
Now I will go back and find out what blockers I can turn back on. Maybe it is just me, but my computer feels very vulnerable when I am not blocking nearly everything.
Thank you so much!

I’m definitely not browsing in private mode, and I have cookies turned on. I went through and played with each of the privacy and security settings I could find, turned off ad blockers, etc. Refreshed WK about a hundred times, no good. I do notice that the indexedDB error only happens when Tampermonkey is enabled. Also, one time, I saw this:

Yeah, it’s a very unfortunate choice by FireFox to not allow per-site control of some of those features, and to link indexedDB to unrelated settings.

Yeah, the Open Framework is reporting the error when it detects that indexedDB can’t be opened.

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox? That’s supposedly the only fix for the Firefox bug that corrupted indexedDB in a prior version. Updating Firefox isn’t enough.

I just tried uninstalling, downloading and re-installing Firefox. That unfortunately didn’t do anything.

@RoseWagsBlue, did you ever figure out which setting it was?

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I am still not entirely sure, but I think that it was the cookies and history settings. I disabled everything, and then it started working. Now, I have re-enabled a bunch of things, and the quiz and related scripts work.

I am going to spend a a little time with it.

One thing that I have decided is that it is not the self-study quiz that is the root problem, it is the open-framework.

The open framework does all the interfacing to Wanikani’s server, so you’re right, it’s the one getting the error. (though Firefox or one of its plugins is the root problem).

Try clearing your indexeddb:

I should mention that I’m running OS X. The file structure that page refers to:

~/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/*.default/storage/default//idb

…doesn’t exist on my machine. The closest thing I have is /Library/Application Support/Mozilla/, but there’s nothing in there that might be relevant. (In fact, it’s just a few empty nestled folders.) There’s definitely no /Firefox/ folder.

Another thread referencing indexeddb problems in FF:

If all else fails, you can open the Open Framework script in TamperMonkey and change line 17:

var ignore_missing_indexeddb = true;

The down side is that it will reload your data every time you refresh the page. If you reload too frequently, you may get errors about exceeding your api request quota, which may last a minute or an hour. (I’ve never tested Wanikami’s rate limiter)

Changing that line in the script worked. I’ll call it a workaround, rather than a solution. Thank you.

Hey would there be a way to modify this so that the requiz keeps updating with only the vocab you got wrong? Say for example I am reviewing all the vocab in a level and I get 20 wrong. Then when I go to requiz I only get 8 wrong… when I requiz it still gives me the original 20. It would be helpful for really focusing on the tricky vocab/kanji if it kept filtering over and over until you got 0 wrong. Would that be possible?

Hmm… I thought that’s what it was already doing, but maybe I didn’t re-implement it correctly when I updated to APIv2. I’ll keep this on my to-do list for when I get some time.

Yeah I would have thought it did that but when I quizzed with it yesterday it seemed to keep repeating. It is especially tough because I was doing 2 levels worth of vocab and got like 40 wrong the first go around and had to do those 40 like 5 times before I wrapped, lol. Thanks again for looking into it. You’re the best! :slight_smile:

:point_right: [ v3.0.21 ] - Fix 2nd-round requiz to only requiz wrong items.

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Now… @rfindley sorry to bother you about this again - I finally found a friend who wanted to help me with this but he went AWOL… :unamused:

It’s about the possibility of a customized list of items to review. You added a way to do this in a script and, well, me, I’m pretty desperate about such a thing because of the items I just can’t seem to keep in mind. I want to repeat them ad infinitum until they “stick”.

Previously I suggested a CSV file with items that might not exist in WK, but ok, this might be overkill. If I just write up a list in a spreadsheet, like “kanji/vocab, level, item” and then do something in the Developer tools. I dunno, I’m not a programmer. But like I said, I’m desperate. Even more now since my buddy went AWOL.

^^^ Is this something that could be whipped together from any of your existing filters as a starting point? It sounds like @voidzero would be willing to do a manually-edited list inside the script if shown how.

If not, I’ll see if I can put something together next week. I think it might only take me a few minutes, but I don’t have access to my PC this week.

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@rfindley The closest from the Additional Filters would be the Related Items filter, though it wouldn’t quite do what they want. They could probably modify it to make it comma separated and match exact items fairly easily (the current version will also find any vocab with the given kanji). Unfortunately I don’t have the time to help more than that.

@voidzero Any reason you don’t want to just use the leech filter?

Hi Sean, yeah, I just want to use my own list because the Self Study Quiz is a lot more customizable and I can repeat items as often as I want, and using my own list is preferable because that way I can choose my own items, not necessarily ‘leeches’.