[Userscript] Quick Memory Check

Hello everyone!

Since I’ve burned many kanji and words long ago, I made a userscript so I can quickly check if I have forgotten already burned kanji and vocabulary or not. Originally I made this script just for myself but maybe it’s useful for some of you, too. You can install it from here:

The script works on the levels-pages as well as the radicals, kanji and vocabulary levels-pages.

The script creates 3 buttons on the side which let you hide all kanji (and Japanese words in the vocab section), kana, or meanings or any combination of them. By hovering over an item the hidden parts will be shown. It’s a bit like flash cards.




A fourth button is only displayed if there are not yet burned radicals/kanji/vocabulary on this particular level. To not break the srs system all not yet burned radicals/kanji/vocabulary will be hidden from start but will be displayed be clicking the fourth button.


I tried to make it possible to resurrect an item directly on the level-page (without having to go to particular kanji or vocab-page) but I haven’t found a way to do it. So if someone has an idea how to integrate this feature, please share it! m(_ _)m Thank you!


What a great idea! =D
I will definitely install and try it out! =D

*returns after install and quick look. OK, definitely love this!

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Heh… this is exactly what my Self-Study script started out as. But after I added the Quiz feature, I think people no longer realized it had the card-hiding feature like what your script does.

Anyway, looks good!

Edit: I like how you moved the vocab text to the left!

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I use it all the time with the kanji. I do a “learn 3 kanji => review all => learn 3 kanji => review all => repeat” kinda of system and hiding meanings/readings really helps! I also reorder the list frequently to make sure I don’t memorize positions. When I feel like I know all the kanji, I do the Quiz to get that 100% correct trigger in my head :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I’m glad that you find it useful. : D

I saw your script but I wasn’t aware that it has this feature. ^^;
I just wanted something very simple for a quick refresher where I didn’t have to type the answer. (and I thought I could train my coding skills a bit … not that they are very good)

I’m glad you like the change of the vocab text! It was quite a hassle for me to get to the left side.

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