[Userscript] Progress Percentages


Awesome scripting work lately @Kumirei!

Feature request: An option for doing the JLPT percentages as a cumulative score, as they are done on wkstats.com. That is, N3 = N5+N4+N3. For low level folks like me it makes the numbers bigger and I feel like I am getting proper credit for my meager accomplishments! :laughing:


You mean like the bar?

And not like the total in the chart?


No… I mean that there is a configuration on the chart page on wkstats that allows you to show the percentages as cumulative.



Oh, that must be on the new version of the stats site. I haven’t been on that one yet. Sure. I can do that.


Updated with various other sources. See OP for more info.


Good enough?


I decided not to do this. It would be quite a lot of work, and you might as well go to the stats site for that info. There’s no way I could do it as well on WK as rfindley has done it on the stats site.


Cool script, so I don’t have to go to WKStats every level.

The percentages don’t make much sense though, how is my N1 Kanji knowldge higher than my N2? Not to mention that 54 out of 1232 isn’t 43%.


Oops. That’s supposed to be 4.3%. I’ll fix it asap


Ah, that makes more sense! :stuck_out_tongue:

Though it would’ve been nice if I already knew 43% of N1 Kanji.


Updated! ukKr5


Nice, works like a charm!

Here’s a kitten for your troubles:


Pretty cool script dude !
I got 0.3% of N1 kanji, get on my level guys :sunglasses:
(please don’t you’ll lose all you progess)


Maaan, that shows how steep the climb is, I’m five times your level and yet I’m only at 4.3% of N1 Kanji. (Also WK only teaches 78.81% of N1 Kanji).


You should have checked ten minutes ago, then it would have been… ok still just 3%.

Note that the default only shows progress on kanji exclusive to that level.


Balls that’s a long way

Oh didn’t think of that, I’m at 5.5% on all of the N1 Kanji.
I’d have been at 55% then hehehe.


Very nice. I went ahead and cluttered mine all up :grin:


oh dear lord