[Userscript] Multiple Answer Input revamped


Do you think you’ll be looking at an update to your script now that the WaniKani changes seem to have disabled it? Sorry to bother, but I really miss it!


Oop, soz for ghosting you a little bit, got distracted by stuff irl. From what you’ve sent me, I’m going to assume the issue is either capitalization, in which case WaniKani changed their answer checking (unlikely), or it’s the incompatibility with double-check rearing its head again (see the older replies to this topic for more information on that).

I don’t think I ever fixed that one, I don’t remember why. I will definitely look into it, just can’t promise it’ll be super soon - should have a bit more time in a month or so at the latest.

No problem - no rush. Have you been able / willing to look at the code since the Wanikani update? Yours is the script I am missing most!

I made a fix – [Userscript] Multiple Input Answer (2023)