[Userscript]: Markdown Notes (updated)

Thank you.
I’m now able to do this!


Where have I been that I didn’t see this?!?!?! Downloading now. Thank you rfindley!


Thanks for this - my own mnemonics stand out on the page so much better with this!

Thank you for the script. Does anybody else find it depressing when you see someones account from several years ago and they never made it past level 10?

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Say that again when you reach level 11 :wink:


Obtainable goal here I come. I’m going to @ you so hard when I hit level 10!

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This is so sad


As someone who has been stuck on level 07 for years, this actually hurts my soul.



At least you’re still around, and didn’t proclaim that level 10 was an obtainable goal, haha


I get scared thinking what if I also abandon WK and the community. Hopefully, I won’t

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Heh true, but there was a time when I was this cocky too, back in 2016/2017 I would’ve said the same thing I’m sure :laughing:

Now I know that you shouldn’t proclaim that something is “easy” or “obtainable” before actually putting the effort to obtain it first, talk is cheap after all.

So don’t do that kids, or you might end up like me and WaniPanchi! Lol

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I noticed that as of a few days ago, Markdown Notes no longer seems to work in reviews (instead I see the exposed markdown syntax), but it still works when I look up an item on the WaniKani site.

Anyone else with the same problem?

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Nope, doesn’t seem to work anymore. At least not with Microsoft Edge (92.0.902.62).
I’m surprised that there is no demand for this script. Adding pics to your mnemonics would be so helpful!

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Hey @rfindley, I don’t know if you still feel like maintaining this script, and I certainly wouldn’t blame you if you don’t have time or interest, but are you able to test whether the problem we’re seeing is universal? Personally I really have enjoyed Markdown Notes and have found it extremely useful.

I’ve also customized the syntax to make it easier for me to input, though I doubt that has anything to do with why it isn’t currently working for me in reviews.

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I can take a brief look to see if it’s easy to fix, but I don’t plan to maintain this one. It almost certainly just needs a new selector to find the Notes on the Reviews page.

(Sorry, I apparently forgot about your first post. Sometimes I see a post when I’m on my tablet, and forget about it by the time I get back to my computer… especially if I’m not doing computer-oriented stuff in that week, which has been happening more frequently lately.)


Many thanks and absolutely no need to apologize. I always appreciate any help you can offer.

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Is there any way to add a clickable hyperlink? This method always brings up the editor for me.

I do believe it’s really cool to have video of Hercules screaming the meaning of 失望 at you in the notes, yet I fail to find any way other than copying the link from the editor everytime.

For me (Chrome) the link will open. Fine so far.
But in the original page the editor ist open.
Perhaps because of some changes after the script opens the comment to get at the link target closing doesn’t work any more?
OTOH I can save the note editor again. And on closing the page the note is again normal and the link is still there.
Concernig the example above ( http://www.example.com 4 )
For me it only works as e.g. (http://www.example.com)

As WaniKani Note still has 500-character’s limit, the quickest fix is actually something like


That is, a template that pulls another online Markdown file found elsewhere. (and I might not put that Markdown file on Github.)

An addition after that is, pulling from WaniKani Community. Since Discourse can’t just be parsed directly (and has an API, anyway), it might be done with


Actually, I’ve just done it (and added easy Furigana support).

Please update to support recent Wanikani updates. It doesn’t work in Info Page anymore.