[Request] Higher characters limit in the notes

Since I satisfied two out of the last three things I didn’t like about wanikani (impossibility of using bold\italic style in the notes and the unreadable colour of burned objects [thank to rfindley]), I’d love to satisfy the last one too, the little amount of characters possible per note. I like to study the etymologic nature of the various kanji, collect various information about them and translate all this in my mother tongue in the kanji note to make a brief history of the character, but the 500 characters cap make this work really hard, since some hanzi have a long story behind. Would be possible to bring this cap up without produce problems for wanikani itself (there must be a reason if the cap exist)?

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Since storage is done on their end, I doubt this is possible. 

A script could do it, provided that it reads from some other server (docs spreadsheet) or uses a local database on your computer. 

Either way, I really want to see your notes on the characters. :3

You can put links in the notes… maybe pointing to a google spreadsheet or something?
It’s far from ideal, obviously.  Just throwing some ideas out there.

Why not just create a spreadsheet, Google doc, OneNote, etc. and add whatever you want to it? WK doesn’t have every word you’ll need to know, so if you want notes on Japanese words, keeping them within WK won’t be complete anyway.

I thought this was impossible, but asking to put my mind at rest was worth the try. 

Yes, using an outside resource would be the best idea, but I’m a bit obsessed with tidiness, so I’d like to keep all my review materials on the same place. Finished with wanikani, I’ll search for something else and move the existing material there.

Thanks guys, al least I can use this situation as a chance to enhance my summary skills.

I think this is possible on web browser’s end (although not carried forward to other PC, of course)

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Six years LOL


Thanks, dear Polv, for the answer! It’s a lot of time that I don’t use wanikani, but well, someday I’ll like to begin again, so maybe it’ll be an useful advice :3