Highlighting words in wanikani notes


Hey guys,

Do you know how I can mark certain words when adding notes to wanikani?
For example when I want to highlight them by making the words bold or give them a colored background like it’s used when some kanji are explained.

Thanks in advance :blush:


Those are automatically done for the official notes and always match the input radicals and output meanings only. I don’t think you can format the notes text (they don’t support forum markup and seem to strip html); I’d just use ALLCAPS or *asterisks *.


I’m pretty sure this is what you’re looking for


I’m using wanikani on my phone. will it still work possible that way?


No, I don’t think you can install userscripts on your phone. Should work on computer though.


ok too bad. but thanks for your help.


If you have Android you can search for Tampermonkey in the app store, then you can use scripts as well. iOS is more restrictive, no chance there I guess.