[Userscript] Make Vocabulary Items a bit smaller

With the help of ChatGPT I wrote a userscript, that makes vocabulary items about 20% smaller, than they are now.

I know that technically all items are the same size (looking at the code), but still something is off, that makes them appear or seem bigger and bolder than the rest. This throws me off so-so-so much. So I wrote this script with the help of ChatGPT to make vocabulary items specifically smaller.

I tested it a bit, and it seems to work, but if there are issues let me know.

A known issue is, that when you first open up the reviews, and the first item is a vocab, it appears in the old size, but everything after that is the smaller version.


How did you get the information about the structure of the wanikani webpages into chatgpt? I would think it needs to know a lot of implementation details to correctly hook a userscript into a specific part of a webpage.

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I just told him what I wanted. All the names of the divs, the elements and all the other stuff I had to manually seek out and provide to him. He just made the code, the javascript, I did everything else. It can code for you, but you have to be extremely precise about what you want and provide him with all the information it needs to write something that works.

It took a lot of work, and revision. I didn’t just open chatGPT and tell him “Yo write a Wanikani userscript that does xxx” and then he magically did it :smiley:


It’s really cool that that worked! I wouldn’t have thought it’d be able to create a userscript even with human input, because it’s so specific. Well, this one isn’t too complex so it’s fine.

Oh yeah, I noticed that ChatGPT made some rather unsightly mistakes regarding userscript conventions. It’s also better to create a userstyle for changing the style of a website instead of a script.

Because I also think the vocab is too big I made a really short userstyle which you can download and use for Stylus (userstyle add-on). I’m not trying to advertise here, it’s just that I made my own and if anyone else wants to have their styles and scripts separate they can do so as well :smiling_face:

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It’s a good style, really looks like the old way it used to look. But you made the “match” a bit restrictive. This way it only works during reviews. If you move the asterix ( * ) right after subjects/ then it works on everything, reviews, extra study, new lessons etc. You should make your own thread too, because it’s really good.

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I updated it to work on all those pages. I’m glad you like this simple userstyle!