Script suggestion: smaller font size on guru-d items

Just had an idea for a script that might be useful (I’d certainly like to try using it): for items at guru level or higher, reduce the font size to one you’d find in the wild, e.g. the one used in the mnemonic explanations.

Something I’ve noticed is it takes me longer to recognise some kanji - particularly similar ones - in the wild because I’m too used to seeing them in WaniKani’s big size. I think the large size is useful at first, but limited exposure at a normal font size could hinder natural reading development.

Of course, reading more Japanese material or using a script like WaniKanify is probably better, but this could help too.

Would anyone be able to have a go at making this script if it’s not too difficult? If not, I might try in the next few months as I learn more coding.

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The size is less of a problem than the font. For this, you can use Jitai userscript.

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I already use that for font randomisation, but would be interested in something that changes the size of guru-d items to be more aligned with what you’d see in everyday written Japanese.