[Userscript] Keisei 形声 Semantic-Phonetic Composition

I initially found that 仕 is an indicative compound, and 志 some strange compound of 之, but now I found there are also sources that say it’s also a tone mark. I added it to the DB for these two. (志 is still somehow related to 之)

new tone mark 士 -> 仕志
誌 with tone mark 志 is already included (but now it is hierarchical with 士)

Random note, just discovered that 厤 and 麻 are two different tone marks, added a cross reference between them.

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Thanks for all your hard word on this!

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I think I learned more about kanji while making this than from WK :wink: It makes so much more sense, I hope more people give this script a try :heart_eyes:

I’m currently adding a kind of summary page with all tone marks, there really are a lot …



The full name remains a mystery.

This thing is still a mystery to me as well … The full text reads “Dui (one of the trigrams of the I Ching: swamp, west)”.

I only found info for this Dui (兌), but it is probably different from 兑 in the end.

Yeah I was not really expecting anything meaningful from the full name, just maybe the option to see it on mouse-over since Jisho is not helpful in these cases.

Today’s findings:
On the pages for 王 and 往 there is no reference to the 「主」tone mark.

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Thanks, I added the xref 王主. Also found out that adding tooltips is not that hard, just finished version 1.5.0!

New features:

  • Edited the meanings of the new kanji a bit to make them shorter
  • An empty blue rectangle is pushed when the tone mark is not a WK radical, so the first three element will always be phonetic, a WK radical box, the tone mark as a kanji, … compounds …
  • Mouseover tooltips for all readings and meanings in the chargrid
  • “Dakuten” mode: tolerate sound shifts when judging if a tone mark fits (like とう<->どう)

    … turns into …
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New version 1.6.1!


  • Included Keisei to all wanikani.com pages (to make the new nav item available everywhere)


  • Added “beta features” in a new menu!
  • Beta feature: phonetics nav menu item

Go to the Keisei settings and enable the beta mode:

This includes an additional dropdown menu (and potentially messes up the page layout if your screen is too small)

Currently there is only one new thing: a list of all compounds by their initial character, more to come!



I’m on version 1.6.1 now, but I don’t see the new menu option.

Did you use the button in the settings (the usual way from for example a kanji page)?

You have to “opt in” because might mess up the looks of wk a bit.

If you already enabled … is there some error message in the developer tools?

Ah, I didn’t realize this was the new beta feature.

Some suggestions and bugs:

  • I think you should put the new menu option to the right of the vocab. At least then, it wouldn’t insert itself in the middle of the menu where people are used to the items being in a certain order.
  • Put some whitespace between phonetic component groups. As is, it’s really crowded since the phonetic components, radicals, and kanji are touching both vertically and horizontally. Them touching horizontally makes sense since you do that on the individual kanji pages as well, but I think adding vertical whitespace would help a lot.
  • Some of the phonetic components are showing the blue for a radical, but it is blank. I assume this occurs when it’s not a radical. (Occurs on kanji pages too)
  • When hovering over the reading, you are sometimes showing more than one like this なん.だん from 難 (also, I don’t see だん as a reading for this one anywhere else). Did you mean to use ・ instead? For another example, look at 工. (Occur on kanji pages too)

Thank for testing it out!

  1. Moved it to the right.
  2. I’m considering to change the layout a bit (see next item), I will experiment with whitespace a bit as well.
  3. The empty blue items are a feature, the list looks quite messy without it. It is also easier to see that there is no WK radical, and all chargrids now start the same: green, blue, and there is also always a kanji now. I’m considering to pack then together in their own chargrid and have the compounds in their own one, this way they can break lines and keep the first three slots free.
  4. You mean changing “.” to “・”? Quite detailed :slight_smile:

1. Thanks!
3. That makes some sense, but it still feels weird being blank. Maybe there’s some symbol or word you can put there to indicate that there isn’t one. Best thing I can think of is ∅, but that might confuse people who don’t know what it is.
4. That is what I meant, yes. I don’t particularly mind, but it was something I noticed and figured I’d mention it in case it wasn’t intentional. :slight_smile:

New version 1.6.2!


  • chargrids are now split in header and compounds
  • @seanblue your fixes, and items have a it more breathing space now in the lists
  • beta: fixed “dropdowns everywhere” problem in lessons summary page

Looks much better now!

Beta changes in 1.6.3:

  • added list of tone marks sorted by number of compounds
  • new nav feature should work on more pages now, and ensure that you cannot append the same section multiple times.

I think maybe 「致」 needs a cross-reference to 「到」.

I think this is a bug. I searched for the kanji 称 and in the similar kanji section, 除 is considered as not learned (even though it’s a lvl 31 kanji and I did learn it). Is it something that I’m not understanding?

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Answer is over there: