[Userscript] Keisei 形声 Semantic-Phonetic Composition

offtopic, but that’s a very useful list, thanks! It had a few I hadn’t yet found for my kanji search engine.
Maybe you’ll find a few more in my RTK to WK elements list, I don’t know :slight_smile: (it’s not complete yet)
Unfortunately, a lot of radicals or radical elements don’t have their own unicode character.

Is there any way to calculate how many of the kanji on WK have phonetic components?

Hello everyone! Is there any chance this script will be updated for the new WK changes? It really improved my studying and understanding


I’m going to make a pull request for the script author in a few days that should fix the script, but if you don’t want to wait you can install the newest version of Item Info Injector, and Keisei will automatically use this newest version which should be enough to make it work again.


Thank you SO MUCH for getting things rolling AND providing a temporary solution! Aside from Double-check, Keisei is easily the most important script I use in WaniKani. I never study new kanji without it!


Thank you so so much! You are a savior!!!

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I can’t make this work. I have open framework and item info injector. Am I missing something else?

A recent update broke a bunch of scripts. I don’t use the site much anymore, but I would have to imagine that is what happened and it’ll stay like that until the creator updates it.

It should work with Open Framework, Item Info Injector and Keisei installed. Can you go through the steps suggested in this guide and report back with more information about the problem?


I can confirm that it works OK for me.

Tampermonkey v4.18.1
Wanikani Open Framework 1.1.0
Keisei 1.8.18

Brave Browser on Windows 11

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It wouldn’t work with chrome but I got it working with firefox

this is the first user script i’ve installed, but i got it going in Mac Chrome 113.0.5672.126

Script order:
Item Injector

i also thought it was broken because i was clicking around on random kanji and, not even kidding, i hit 3 in a row that didn’t have a phonetic component.

What do the symbols and colors on the phonetic kanji mean? They can be either green, yellow or red.

Looking at “other”, it says that it’s created using “considerably”, but the reading is not the same. Not only that, all of the other kanji presented in the tab have a different reading than their phonetic component.

I’m trying to understand how to use this information and it seems arbitrary.

You might have missed that text above mentions that the 也 component can also confer the reading ち as well as や. It’s etymological.


Hi there. I’d love to use this, but can’t get it to do anything. My browser of choice is Safari, and I have the Userscripts extension installed. I can get the Double-Check script to at least partially work, but this Keisei script is doing nothing. Javascript console says it is loaded, but I don’t see anything like the screenshots happening.

Is there a good way to troubleshoot this? Anything I can run on the Javascript console to check on whether various steps are working?

EDIT: I got it to throw an error in the console. On the Western Style kanji page, it gives me this error:

ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: GM_getResourceText
[f] (anonymous function) — WaniKani-Keisei-Phonetic-Semantic-Composition.user.js: 1484
[f] (anonymous function) — WaniKani-Keisei-Phonetic-Semantic-Composition.user.js:3029
[S] Global Code — WaniKani-Keisei-Phonetic-Semantic-Composition.user.js:3030
[N] appendChild
[f] injectJS — content.js:285
[f] processJS — content.js:232
[A] (anonymous function) — content.js:419

And yes, I followed the guide linked above. And I installed the latest version of Item Info Injector, and it’s running after Open Framework and before Keisei.

It seems that the Userscripts extension has not implemented support for GM_getResourceText yet. You might have to switch to a different script manager extension, or wait for Userscripts to implement this feature.

Ah, bummer. It seems like TamperMonkey is the only other option on Safari—and all of its recent reviews are 1-star reviews, so I’m doubtful it’s working very well.

Is there a way I can paste those resources straight into the script instead of getting them from an external location?

EDIT: I decided to go ahead and buy TamperMonkey (it’s $2 on Safari) and I’m not seeing any problems at all. Everything is working like a charm.

Very happy to have the Keisei info appearing. I’ve been having to put hints like that into the notes field myself!

Seems like the script is now broken in lessons, although working fine on the item pages. The change in url structure is likely to blame.
@acm2010, same is true for your Visually Similar Kanji :frowning:


I have updated the Info Injector script (this script depends on it) and upped it in the execution list, and now the Keisei Semantic-Phonetic Composition seems to work in lessons as well.
Many thanks for the tip, @LupoMikti!


I noticed that on WK’s Coral radical page, this script says “This radical is not considered a phonetic mark!” but the one kanji it appears in, steam 蒸, has the same じょう pronunciation that the base kanji 丞 for this radical has, per Wiktionary.

Actually, I think there’s something else going on there. On the steam 蒸 page, the script says that the phonetic component is 烝 and gives it the WaniKani radical name of “shark.” But there is no such radical on WaniKani. However, I was able to find a forum post from 2017 that names shark as a radical. Maybe that was an old WaniKani radical that has since been replaced with coral?