[Userscript] Keisei 形声 Semantic-Phonetic Composition


Fixed now in 1.7.8, there was a typo in a class name, and the non-compound grid worked a bit different than expected.

I also changed the layout for small screens a bit with the change to flexbox, it should finally look OK on phones as well.


I wasn’t aware you could even use userscripts on mobile, how does that work?


I haven’t really tried it on my own, but for Android there is Tampermonkey in the play store, and I believe Firefox mobile has extension support built in.

Apple forbids stuff like running code that doesn’t come from the App Store, but apps could include the script (it uses a few Tampermonkey extensions at the moment, though), you could build your own, see a bit above :slight_smile:


@acm2010 can you help me?
I have no idea how it work
for instance can you describe this image? How it work, what it mean

Need clarify the phonetic-semantic - how to use