[Userscript]: Double-Check (Version 2.x)

I agree that having the SRS level of an entry before answering is useful, it’s a standard feature in Flaming/Smouldering Durtles and I miss in on the desktop.

However as you mention I think it might be a better feature request for a script like Show Specific SRS and not this one. I actually tried to tweak the script to that end myself but couldn’t be bothered to figure out how to hook myself properly.

It's probably in this part.
let quiz_queue = await grab_queue();
let srs_manager = quiz_queue.quizQueue.srsManager;
//console.log('actual srs_manager:',srs_manager);
// swap out method with updated one below.

Then put in new questions

window.addEventListener('willShowNextQuestion', (e) => {
  const srsLevel = srs_manager.srsMap.get(e.detail.subject.id)

Personally I don’t care about showing SRS, but it should be nice if I can reset progress of an item (otherwise manually edit down SRS level). The current only native way is to wait until Burn, then resurrect.

WaniKani natively has review history somewhere, as long as the Review hasn’t already finished.

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Try [Reviews SRS Preview] and let me know what you think. To keep things simple, it just reuses the existing post-answer SRS popup, but without the pass/fail indicators.