[Userscript]: Double-Check (Version 2.x)

Yup just rawdogged 200 reviews in one go, tons of typos… NOT a good feeling! Also adding the fact that I gotta wait for the item to come back since userscript for sorting ain’t working either. Thank you for planning a fix!


lmao I was trying to avoid using the exact term “rawdog” for it but I see we’re already there with that one

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Actually, just a note of what level the item’s already at, before I enter my answer would help a lot. I can get that with another WK tab or app, but that’s not realistic to do proactively. Is there a working userscript that shows that? Then, if I see an item is Guru I—which I can get it leveled back to in under a week—I can be more relaxed than if I see it’s about to Burn and a miss will cost months—then I’ll be more careful.

Maybe this is wrong. Maybe it’s really important before you Burn that the item be letter-perfect at your absolute command such that you wouldn’t typo it any more than you’d typo your own name (though I do that too sometimes!)—but, I’d like to make that call on a case-by-case basis after I give it a try.

tl;dr deets about why case-by-case is good for me…

Basically, Double-Check was letting me make value decisions about, “do I think it’s important that I remember this one is better translated ‘expectation’, and that one ‘anticipation’? Or that this noun is almost always used in 〜する, but it is a noun, so I shouldn’t just blindly use the -ing form in English? Or, can I just let it slide?” on a case-by-case basis.

Also, Double-Check let me go, “wait a minute… I definitely learned was ’era’ in class, years ago—this says ‘account’/‘narrative’ — was I wrong?” And then I look and see that Kodansha calls it “era” with sub-meanings ‘discipline, morals, code of behavior’ and it’s probably “account/narrative” in WaniKani just because it works better for the mnemonics, so I add “era” to the synonyms in another tab and accept it this time.

I shouldn’t have to get it marked wrong once to add what I typed as a synonym—especially since I’ve found that kanji I learned in school >15 years ago sometimes come back to me in their original form (like “era” here) only once I’m at, like, Guru I—until that point, I’ve got the WK lesson stuck in my brain as basically a whole new word.

Like, basically, I can do a lesson and if WK happens to give a kanji or vocab I already know, but in a form different than I’ve internalized it, I can temporarily ingest it into shorter-term memory as two different mental entries, as if it were another language I’m studying, and it only integrates (or the WK-specific version just drops out) after there’s been a few weeks or more of rest.

Anyway, I know the developer’s got it in hand, I’m just looking for the best workarounds in the meantime. Doing everything in wrap-up is one; I don’t see a userscript in active development that shows SRS level before you answer, though—is there one, maybe as part of a larger-function script I may have overlooked? (“Active development”, b/c I’m assuming every userscript that hasn’t been updated recently is now non-functional.)

(Also, I type maybe too fast. I use Dvorak and type English at >130 wpm and I switch to Portuguese QWERTY and Ukrainian several times a day, so I may be a uniquely crossed-wires case… :blush: )

Looking forward to the fix. WaniKani without the ability to undo mistakes is pain. Thanks for your hard work.


I know this might be a bad idea, but since I’m a developer by trade and have worked on front-end (though it’s not my expertise), and since I have some time today, I figured I might try to get things to work enough until we have an official solution.

The first problem I notice is that the url for reviews has changed. So changing the matchers at the top of the script cause the script to attempt to load on the page, but it immediately triggers an alert that “Wanikani Double-Check script is not working.” It does this (very helpfully, I might add) because it’s attempting to hijack the submit event but it couldn’t find the original event handler location to replace it.

And that’s where I’m a bit lost right now. The jquery method to find the event is no longer working (and jquery is apparently on the way out for wanikani in general), and I’m not sure if I should be looking into Turbo events or something else yet.

So anyway, this workaround project may not be ready before an official solution is available, but I’ll do my best and provide updates when I have any major ones to provide. Also if anyone else has some pointers but not enough time to actually make a fix themselves I would love some pointers to speed this up.


As a quick major update to this, I have good news and bad news.

The good news is I have a better understanding of how things work now with Stimulus and I see that rfindley already mentioned some things in another thread that helped me figure out how to interact with things in a better way.

The bad news is that the script was relying on jStorage, which wanikani was using, and which provided access to current review items, but will no longer be used.

My goal with this project was to provide users of this script who were feeling a little more adventurous with a quick few steps to get the script working in the short-term. Unfortunately, this bad news means that even if I can get it to work, it won’t be easy for the average user of this user script to manually change it themselves. So at this point I’m not sure if I should continue to figure out a quick fix for myself or if I should potentially reach out to rfindley myself to see if I can contribute to the mainline fix.

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So… rawdog it or go on vacation… Such a dilemma!
That vacation looks very tempting though!
I’ll… give it a cance. But if I fail too many I will hit that vacation while waiting for salvation!

Auto Commit has been fixed!
So workaround for now: NEVER HIT ENTER! :rofl:
Get the exact match or don’t commit =P

Or, trigger the Auto commit = win. You got it!
If you don’t trigger it, search up the word and do anki style: Was this what you meant? If so, now you know what you did wrong, get the Auto Commit to trigger.
No? Send through a faulty one and let it go down as it should.


I did 10 ish review’s without the undo button, and then installed an android emulator so I could use one of the phone apps with a working undo button on my desktop. I do not understand how so many people can do reviews without it and not lose their sanity, but I sure am not one of them.


Unfortunately it doesn’t deal with the cases I love Double-Check for the most.

Times I override incorrects (which are somewhat-workaround-able):

and times I override corrects (not workaround-able at all):

Reading other scripts’ devs description of the work involved I’m not surprised that there’s no way to do a “quick-and-dirty” version, but I do appreciate @thastegartivelis’s endeavors. If there are any ways to help @rfindley update it, or to show appreciation for the wonderful utility we’ve already gotten out of the script, I’d love to. (Is there maybe a tip jar somewhere I’m not seeing?)

Yeah, this script is the biggest quality of life we have. The Auto Commit is only a workaround while waiting for it to be back, and can make it somewhat tolerable. Still onyl barely, might pick vcation instead =P

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Hello Everybody,

I am a little bit fed up with the new update, because it is now impossible to use Kakumei for Wanikani. It had the possibility to auto-correct, but now I have to go back to Wanikani website.

Thus, I tried to deal with userscript. I installed Open Framework, then Double-Check. But it does not work. Nothing appears while doing my reviews.

Is it because of update too that scripts does not work ? If so, this is really a mess…

Cheers !

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Yeah, the update broke most/all lesson and review scripts, but rfindley is working on a fix and said it’ll take 2-3 days.

Other apps seems to be working from what I’ve seen reported if that would interest you until this script is fixed.

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You have no idea how happy this makes me. This will be perfect for me in the meantime, thank you for bringing it up!


Another update on the quick and dirty workaround fix:

I figured out the distribution problem. Though I’ve not done it before, I published my own version of the script. Please note that while it does work for most cases where you are correct, it still doesn’t work for the core use case (i.e. when you wrote a typo). I just wanted to get the distribution mechanism set up so I had a way for people to apply it if it does get completed.

As for the implementation itself, I’ve stripped back a lot of the extra functionality so I could get the base use case working properly, and it’s going fairly well. I’ve gotten to where I can hijack events, and I found a workable solution for jStorage being removed. This does have the added risk though that it might conflict with other user scripts since a lot of the shared communication mechanisms have been lost.

Anyway, I hope to have the bare-bones functionality up in the next few hours.


Can you explain how you did this? I am curious if any of your ideas are applicable to implementing back to back reviews without losing answer statistics

Okay, a quick fix is done and ready. I’ve made a new topic for this so we don’t clutter this one.

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I don’t really know what you’re asking here. I can outline my approach in the other topic, though, and the code is available at the link. Feel free to ask more detailed questions in the other topic, too.


if android user, use flamingdurtles for now

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Just FYI, everybody… I made a ton of progress last night, and I think I’ll have Double-Check and wkof ready later today. (wkof may be done, but I’m using Double-Check to test it, so the progress is sort of tied together).