[Userscript] Dashboard Progress Plus

@prouleau is right… the kanji are just wrapped to the next line. They are all still visible. And even if the Review Forecast is removed, the kanji would still need to wrap to the next line.

If you want to remove the Review Forecast anyway, there is another script that does that. I can’t remember the name, though. Sorry, not very helpful :slightly_frowning_face:

uBlock Origin

Heh… I guess that would work :slight_smile:

There are missing kanji…

I can’t find the script either. Anyone know what it is?

Why would that remove the panel? I have it installed, and it doesn’t block the panel. Is there a setting I could use?

Yes, add this to “My filters”:


Those are not from your current level. They were recently added to lower levels


Thank you so much!

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Aha. Now I understand.

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A fallback from today API change. The SRS level doesn’t show anymore in the pop ups. At least the script doesn’t crash. It still seems usable.


@rfindley I have this in the popup. Not a big deal but a bit annoying.


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something changed or break? seems like as of yesterday they are out of order (haven’t done anything intentionally) and the progress bars aren’t as they usually are…normally once cleared they stay the lavender color.

The script hasn’t changed. I don’t know about WK. Let’s see if anyone else sees any issues.

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I’ve also seen this issue for the first time today.

Sorting issue can be fixed by changing .passed to .passed_at

I could be mistaken but I believe the colors always reverted back to pink if your SRS dropped back down to apprentice.


@rfindley WK removed the passed property, right?


Yes they did.

The relevant part:

We will be dropping the endpoint /srs_stages and the attributes assignment.srs_stage_name , assignment.passed , reviews.starting_srs_stage_name and reviews.ending_srs_stage_name on August 17, 2020 . This is a full two months to make the necessary adjustments.

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Thanks! Fixed. Please update.


happy it’s fixed…thanks!!!

will be a while until I can see it (not one of those crazy fast 7 day people)… but it’s sad it took a couple of months for someone to notice…guess not as many people are using it anymore or going super fast…but for me … really love this script! Just wish we still had the circles…still h8 the stupid tiny squares to no end!

Also, I don’t use this pop-up info but I noticed “Show SRS Level” no longer shows anything since srs_stage_name was removed. Displays the stage number though if replaced with srs_stage.

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