[Userscript] Dashboard Apprentice

Bug report. Sometimes the popup falls off the screen on the right.



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Yea, Toyger mentioned the same a few days ago. This script is really not a priority, but maybe I should set a max width and make it wrap instead

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An alternative is to shift the popup position relative to the icon to the right instead of being centered. There is CSS for that. Items are concentrated on the left edge of the screen so there is not much risk of falling off the edge at the right…

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Hmm, I will consider it

Nah, mine are just as close to the right side :rofl:



  • Extended SRS range: you can now choose starting and ending SRS stage for display. Of course defaults are 1-4, the apprentice stages
  • Add setting for which item types to display. Figured some users might not care for all types (also it was useful for testing the next thing)
  • Better handling of SVG radicals. You shouldn’t notice any difference

For information. I still have very large popups. Any risk they fall off the screen when they are close to the edge?


I don’t know if you are interested but this is how how play audio on a click. I had to research it for Item Inspector.

You must insert this script element in your html.

<script type="text/javascript">
   function playAudio(id){
      gender = ["male", "female"][Math.floor(Math.random()*2)]};
      id += gender;

Then you configure your clickable element like this:

<audio id="audioIdmale">
    <source src="'soundUrloggForMale'" type="audio/ogg"></source>
    <source src="'soundUrlmpegForMale'" type="audio/mpeg"></source>
     'our browser does not support audio
<audio id="audioIdfemale">
      <source src="'soundUrloggForFemale'" type="audio/ogg"></source>
      <source src="'soundUrlmpegForFemale'" type="audio/mpeg"></source>
      Your browser does not support audio
<a onclick="playAudio('audioId');">Clickable text</a>

This will randomly select the male voice or the female voice. If you prefer a double click use ondblclick instead of onclick in the <a> tag.


I haven’t done anything on this yet. Focus is still to get Heatmap done. I will most likely make the meanings and readings wrap

Unless you need an audio element you can actually play audio with JS alone. It’s what I do with the Burn Bell script.

audio = new Audio(URL);
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Thanks. This is good to know.

I need clickable audio elements. This is why I do it this way.

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