[Userscript] Burn Progress

I don’t know if it is documented anywhere. I just discovered it by chance a few days ago.

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By … chance?!

Back in the olden times before cellphones, my grandmother was known to occasionally put the telephone to her ear on the off chance someone was calling. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I wonder what other useful little Easter eggs remain to be found.

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On a silly (or perhaps not so silly) note, i’ve now twice clicked on the first link in the first post, thinking it would be the link to Burn Progress, but it’s actually a different script. Maybe you shouldn’t hide the installation link to your script further down in a collapsible point.
I could also read before I click, but, you know… :wink:

Thanks for pointing this out. Not silly at all!

I’ve now made the first link in the post a link to the greasyfork repository.

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I’ve just posted version 1.2.


Removes the 12px of padding on the left and right (a mistake I just noticed). It’s subtle, but the bar is now as wide as the rest of the page.

Added an update and Download URL from my github repository. You’ll have to update to version 1.2 manually by browsing to the greasyfork repository for burn progress, but once on v1.2 you should be able to check for updates and update using tampermonkey itself.

Added an MIT license (the least restrictive software license I’m aware of).

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Just to let you know: Tampermonkey by default uses the URL from where a script was installed as its downloadURL, so the auto-update already worked. Furthermore, Greasy Fork removes these directives anyway. So everyone who downloads your script from Greasy Fork will continue to get updates from Greasy Fork and not automatically switch to your github.

I don’t know much about licenses and legal stuff, but I recently also decided to add licenses to my userscripts. After some search, I decided to use MIT-0, which is the MIT license without the attribution requirement.


Thanks for the explanation! The Greasy Fork behavior makes sense (and I see now that it did strip those lines).

As long as people can get updates, I’m cool.

I’ll continue to make my edits locally with git for revision control (pushing to github). I do consider the version in github canonical, but since Greasy Fork provides install/update functionality for tampermonkey scripts, I’ll continue to manually update the version there if there are any further changes.

Well, you just demonstrated you know more than me. Admittedly, a very low bar. I’ll use MIT-0 as well for any further scripts I might create. I don’t care about attribution. I just wanted the no-guarantees, don’t-sue-me-if-it-blows-up bits. :slight_smile:

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