[Userscript] Burn Manager (Review / Resurrect / Retire)

frankiebluej said... This looks great. Don't have any burned yet so.... have to wait to use it. Question 1: If I install this before I have any burned items does anyone foresee a issue/problem? I don't, but you never know... Question 2: Is there a place where all of rfindley's user scripts, etc are located. I know about the main one that shows all the user scripts, so I guess the question would be are all of rfindley's listed there with his/her(?) name so I can find them in particular? ~frankiebluej
 This script is safe to install even if you don't have burned items.  It will stay quietly hidden in your user menu until you're ready to use it.

Ultimate Timeline
Burn Manager (this thread)
Golden Burn
Dashboard Progress Plus
Hide Context Sentence
Post Search Direct Link (aka "Chat Posts" Search Results - Direct Link)

There's the Stats Site, of course.

I made a script called "Study Config", but I highly recommend @absalon's Hide Answers instead.  It has more features and a better interface.

There are a few more on greasyfork.org under my username, but they are other people's scripts that I just repaired and re-hosted:  Lightning Mode and Markdown Notes.

And there are a few scripts that I keep for myself, because with great power comes great responsibility.  :-)

And finally, other people's scripts that I use:
DotDotDot Expander
Reorder Ultimate