[Userscript] BishBashBosh+ - Extending BishBashBosh with new review types


This is a userscript that is meant to extend the great work done on BishBashBosh in an effort to support new and useful categories and study styles.



You will need a user script manager (a list for various browsers can be found here)

Once you have a user script manager, click the “Available Here” link above and install the script.

You should now see the new features at BishBashBosh’s website

Possibilities for the future:

  • Review leeches
  • Customization review

Update Log

v 0.1

  • Initial Release
  • ALL Apprentice and Guru 10 weeks old and not seen in last 2 days.
  • 30 random burned items


  • Added configuration box to set maximums for new review types.


  • Minor bug fix for formatting


  • Support “one and done” mode:
    – If you answer the card correctly the first time you see it, it immediately disappears.

Based on the excellent BishBashBosh. Main thread here:


Installed, thanks.

If you do create a leeches review, please do not use the formula/algorithm used by the one that supplements the Self-Study Quiz - with that one, if you get something wrong enough times, it will never leave the queue (which is why I dropped the Quiz for BBB).

This can be circumvented by setting the Failed Last Review filter. Only leeches that were recently failed would be reviewed.

I tried to install BishBashBosh+ to give it a try. Nothing shows up. I look in Tampermonkey and the script is not in the list of active scripts for the WK page. But it is setup to activate. I don’t know what happens.

I noticed something. In the Tampermonkey dashboard BishBashBosh+ has no access to HTTPS pages but WK is HTTPS.

It should only work on:


What WK page are you talking about?

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WK dashboard is HTTPS. I try the link.I will be back on this.

I thought it was a Wanikani script like so many others. But no, it is a BishBashBosh script. I understand now. You should edit the top post to clarify this.

I’ve just clicked on ALL Ancient Guru and Apprentice and I have 61 of the blighters - any chance of a randomised 20/25/30 option, please?

I’ll work on a way to make that more configurable later tonight.


v0.15 added. Provides the ability to set maximums for the new review types.


Thanks very much! :smiley:

Hi, can I suggest to give this script a better description, and explanation?
If you’re like me, you certainly want people to adopt your software and use it as intended, in order to get quality feedback and keep improving it.

Sincerely yours

v0.17 added to support “One and done” mode. More details in original post.

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I wondered if you might be able to modify that aspect of the original :smiley:

Hi! This script seems to be throwing up some problems for me;

  1. when I click on the “All ancient apprentice and guru” button, it will often tell me there is nothing found to cram, but I know there are about 60 items that fit the bill

But I have all these old items to study…

  1. when I click on a button, then change my mind and select another, even though the graphic has changed, the system is still expecting the previous graphic to be responded to, marking a correct answer to the current graphic wrong and showing the correct answer for the previous graphic.

I answered “personally” correctly, but was marked incorrect and the answer box contains the answer to the previously shown item.

These issues did not come up with vanilla BBB.


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I stumbled on this script after seeing BishBashBosh mentioned. I got the extension script to work once, but the ‘ancient guru and apprentice’ button doesn’t seem to afterwards. If I click on the ‘random burned’ button, that works, but then clicking on the ‘ancient guru’ button looks like it works, but the list of questions remains the ‘random burned’ list. So then when you answer, it marks it wrong, like the comment above showed.

I realize this script may be dead, but if there’s someone who wants to look at it, it seems useful. I may take a crack at it myself. Maybe.


The main site is fine, but I also was never able to get the extension to work properly, having had the same problems as you.