*ekg's leech battle blog - a study log of sorts

Hmmm. I thought maybe that Thor was studying here. :cloud_with_lightning:

The cloud turns your leeches into things of beauty, making it more likely that you will face them instead of avoid them.



Pretty sure that’s not Millicent…


That’s actually a very good point! ^^ It does make me wanna face them, not hide from them!

Psycological-advantage point given to me vs them! ^^



This is just *-ing awesome. Wow. hat’s off to ya!


Thank you! :blush:

B-but, y-you’re also awesome! ^>^


I use BishBashBosh for extra drilling of leeches; it has made a huge difference to me, as you see each item twice per session and I think 5 or 6 times if you get it wrong (so lots of practice).

BishBashBosh here. Extention script BishBashBosh+ here.


Thanks for the tip. This will make for an excellent complement to the Leech trainer I’ve got on the dashboard. I think some intense repetition work is what I need to get these items straightened out! ^>^


I dropped the leech trainer because the algorithm is set in such a way that when you get an item wrong enough times, it will never leave the queue, and I got tired of seeing items I had already burned showing up as leeches.


I see. :eyes: I haven’t thought about it. All items thus far seems to be stuff I’ve struggled with. But, I’ll keep an eye out for it and if I feel there are non-leeches on there. In any case, I should give bishbashbosh a try! ^^


For information: This doesn’t happen with Item Inspector. The default setting is to drop an item from the leech table when it reaches enlightened. There is also a Leech Streak Limit setting you can set that will drop a leech from the table when you give a correct a number of times in a row.


I’ve been doing some intensive leech training this Sunday.*[details at the end] Phew! >_> :sweat_drops: :weight_lifting_woman:

But, I do feel like I’ve managed to clear up some of the confusion regarding my current leeches. Now I only have to prove it in real SRS-action!

I’m looking forward to seeing those leeches in the upcoming reviews and proving they aren’t any problem for me anymore! :triumph:


I’m not sure how long it will take for my leech cloud to actually change, considering some items are actually in Guru 2 or some may even be Master. :thinking:

But, at the very least I hope that the biggest offenders will take a hint and gradually fade in prominence in the upcoming kanji clouds.

As, a little documentation of the current leech situation (since my leeches actually have managed to increase to 165 from 151 :sweat_smile: (why are they increasing in numbers when I’m batting them…), here is my current kanji cloud:


  1. I used the Dashboard Leech trainer I’ve been using all along. That one is good at testing and training interference, throwing items at you that look similar, but aren’t the leech you’re training at the moment (and gets me all the time sigh).
  2. BishBashBosh Trainer - I gave this a try. But, I didn’t feel like I could really train my leeches here (I’m probably missing some settings, but it seemed more geared toward reviewing items in waiting for the normal SRS. And since I didn’t wanna mess around with the SRS I only did recently failed items.
  3. Self-Study QUIZ. This one is perfect for this sort of thing, since I can set it to the same settings as Item Inspector, getting the exact same leech items to quiz. After the first run-through of the 165 items, I redid the 17 that was still a problem for me (the rest were actually fine by now). After that, I re-did the entire Quiz of 165 leeches and ended on a high at 98% correct. :partying_face:

So, now it’s just a matter of whether I can retain the results of the leech training…

I know I still struggle with seeing kanji on their own, no context etc, and mixing them up. So, I’m quite curious to see how things will play out in coming reviews.


Here is a pair of tips.

This is true only if you don’t use the Leech Streak Limit feature of Item Inspector. Self Study Quiz doesn’t support Leech Streak Limit so if you use this the items won’t match anymore.

Maybe you already know, but in Item Inspector and Self Study Quiz you may use the Time Until Review filter. This will exclude from the list of items those that are close to your next review. This way you will study items only if it doesn’t mess with the SRS.

I root for you in your battle against the leeches. 頑張って


It’s a kanji pot! But when seen from this angle, the meowst impurrtant part gets hidden. Let’s view it from above:



Yeah, I’m not dismissing any leeches until they are burned! :fire: I still feel like there is room for improvement on some items (after all, I mess those up in burn-reviews, so yeah).

I’m gonna take a further look on the settings for the SSQ, but I don’t feel too bad about reviewing the items identified by the Item Inspector, because I recognize them all as stuff I’ve failed again and again. There is time to do normal SRS for those items after cramming them for a bit.

(I just didn’t want random old guru-items to come back, because I don’t know whether I remember them or not)

@trunklayer Thanks for the cat-support! So cute! :heart: ^>^ :cat2:


I was thinking teacup.

Regardless, cute furry little critters always find a way.

Rabbit Page 56 1-1


Sometimes is just very hard to tell the difference between cat, pot and cup! ^>^



Did you have the extention running too? It adds the feature of “ALL ancient guru and apprentice”. You can modify the ALL to a specific number, &/or you can tick the ‘1 & done’ feature to reduce the workload.

Bearing in mind that they are leeches and that RoseWagsBlue made the point that other programmes would just drop them, I wouldn’t worry too much about interfering with the SRS. BBB only looks at items up to guru, so if you don’t know them they will come back down to visit you again.

P.S. To minimise interference, I always do my leech training shortly after my review sessions.


I do have all ancient guru and apprentice on there, but I don’t wanna train ancient guru per se (I want those to get the normal SRS treatment). I only wanna go after the already proven leeches.

But, now that I know how to set up the Self-Study Quiz to mirror my identified leeches, I’m gonna go with that for leech training going forward. Because it gives me that overview of which items exactly are the troublemakers right now.


I figured I might as well try to post some normal study log stuff on here now that I have a “blob” of my own (not just in the 勉強しましょう Let’s learn together - thread which I only infrequently post in https://community.wanikani.com/t/勉強しましょう-let’s-learn-together/31441?u=ekg )

Since, I’ve updated my study goals for this autumn/winter, I’m gonna re-post them here, then get into leechier things…

~My Autumn/Winter 2020 study goals~

  1. Get those Leeches! :angry: (and do my study log) :pen:
  2. Get back on track with grammar! :notebook_with_decorative_cover:
  3. Get back to reading manga or start 1 game in Japanese :books: :video_game:
  4. Continue to listen daily to Japanese audio media :headphones:
  5. Get to 天国 Heaven by the end of 2020! :innocent:

I think those are all doable things and without too much detail on there for me to get hung up about it when getting them done (I’m free to choose my methods). Grammar is still gonna be my least favorite thing on there, but it has to be done at some point or the other. >_>

Back to the leeches! So, I’ve done some normal SRS-reviews by now since my intensive training yesterday, and I’m happy to say that I do feel a difference! :partying_face:
(I’ve only failed 1 or 2 of them and basically all of my reviews included leech items.)

It’s not clear what the long-term results of this will be, but at least, short-term I do feel more confident now when typing in the answers to these specific leeches.

I’m even gonna go over them one more time today, as an overkill measure, since I do wanna get those long-term results! :triumph: 頑張るぞ!


That went even better than I thought! :flushed:

2 typos and 1 misread of 法規 (ほうき)

I’m gonna claim this a success! :tada: as in a “Turtles are safe for now” -kind of way. :turtle: