[UserScript] Advanced Context Sentence

Thanks for this script!

Colours are obviously a personal choice; I’d choose green/red as known/unknown, as they are fairly-universally known as yes/no or stop/go colours.

Would it be possible to make the colours user-selectable, and/or point us to where we can manually modify the script to set the colours?

You’re right but I wanted colors that matches the wanikani’s aesthetics

Consider it done
Edit: it’s done now, version 1.20!

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I’m curious to know what you said now…

Brilliant, thank you!

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That seems like a bug. Or is it a feature?

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It’s a feature. You won’t be able to do it once the post is actually deleted after 24 hours.




Thanks for this script, actually made me sit at my computer for today’s lessons instead of lazing away in bed until I was done.:smiley:

Short questions - there were some issues with the audio speed before. Is it possible to change the speed the google voice speaks at? It’s very slow on my end.

Another question: is it possible to remove the underscore on the link? On some kanji it totally changes the meaning.


By that I mean the 1st sentence, in particular 牛乳. I first read 生乳, which is also a word that exists. Totally tripped me up on even understanding what google was saying, because I was expecting to hear something different.

I wish WK would just implement showing all Kanji instead of this weird mix, maybe add Furigana where they would have gone the Kana route. Really screws up googles recognition. Anyone else notice this? (In my example above, google says, and I quote 「うしにゅう]instead of 「ぎゅうにゅう」:rofl:

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Not google sadly, i don’t have much control over thier voice.

Weird, i don’t have the lines on Firefox. I’ll fix it in the next update for you

This is one of the things i find messy in Wanikani, sometimes they show you kanji that you never learned and sometimes they show you kana for that kanji… Why…

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Still a huge improvement on not having voice at all! :smiley:

Awesome, thanks!

Right? So random.

Also, another thing I noticed. The gear icon that lets you change the highlight colours gets a plus one for every new item I learn. :smiley:


Yeah that should help you get hyped and learn more items to see more gears, totally intended, a feature not a bug


If you’re using HTML audio elements they do have a playbackRate property. That might only make it sound more unnatural though

Yeah it’s bad, I might add it as a feature for anyone who wants it though. Thanks
But really now, half of the code became yours leave something for me

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@abdullahalt I tested playing WK audio after I submitted a vocab, and this happened not only once but twice. WK audio and this script audio all of them played all at once. Safari - Mojave.

Haha, it’s working for sure! :smiley: I’m going to collect a bunch.


Just tested it out and got the bug, thanks for your report Oshin I will look into it

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I was forcing myself to read at least one sentence, and not understand shit except the vocab I just learned and scoot around for kanjis I know, well now I can get some practice with earlier kanji without having to look too hard, thanks dude


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:clap: :clap: :clap:

though often people are suffering under the iron rule of their company’s IT system