[UserScript] Advanced Context Sentence

That’s reason enough to find a new employer.

I mean… IE!? That’s just terrible working conditions! :grin:


Always happy to be of use

Tell me about it, the company I work for is one of them

Funny thing is, I’m actually looking for a new job and IE is one of the reasons i want to leave


Same :wink: but I’m a rogue off-network employee, muahahaha! And to be fair they will install other browsers for you; it’s just that the default is IE. Whyyyyyyyy

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No it’s mandatory for us, i installed Linux on an external SSD and plugged it onto my Desktop PC to boot from it just to get rid of that ugly thing

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Fixed, and fixed
Sorry guys I was kinda busy today implementing the new feature so I couldn’t release a fix without finishing what i started.


Thanks! Another bug: On review, I play the audio of a context sentence, it plays the audio well, however, if I click/play it again, it won’t play the audio again. In short, I can only play the audio once. I could make the audio play again but with this weird way though: after I click again the audio, I go to another tab, then go back to review tab, the audio plays again.

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Thank you! :slight_smile: looking forward to trying again.

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This one is on Safari actually, and the solution to that will make the audio play a little late compared to other browsers [roughly 0.5 second late]. from what i noticed, even the wanikani audio plays late too (for the first time), so i guess Safari users are already comfortable with this latency

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Thanks! It’s working!

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Feel free to tell me of any bugs you find or any improvements you wish for. Nothing can become perfect without others’ feedback, after all

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First I’d like to say thanks for this script, it’s really helpful!
The voice option is awesome, as with it I can check if the reading in my head actually made sense. Made these phrases something that I’d halfhearted read most of the time to pretty enjoyable for learning!

I do have two requests, however: is there a way to identify if you haven’t learned the kun reading for a kanji and mark it as gray? Some of the kanji will use readings that I have not learned yet, even if I’d already learn the on readings, like a reading from the same level that I haven’t encountered the kun form yet, but it’ll be on one of the examples. They are currently marked as “learned”. This is just an aesthetic though.

The second request is to be able to stop the voice messages after they started by clicking the button again. Currently if I press twice it’ll play two messages at the same time, and there’s no way of stopping them. Also, when I press enter to move to the next lesson it always plays back the last audio that I clicked, though it won’t interfere with the default behavior at all (ie, I don’t need to press enter twice).

Sorry for the requests, but really thank you for taking your time to develop this, @abdullahalt!

For the first request, i can highlight the reading you didn’t learn in the kanji review, but there is no way for me to know when you will take the other reading. Basically, gray will mean “hey, this is the other reading you didn’t learn in the kanji review” not “this is a reading you haven’t learn yet”.
As of the second, i think i can manage to do it.

Don’t be! And thank you for taking the time to write a review

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I don’t have this issue on Firefox, what browser do you use?

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I see, thank you anyways then!

I use Chrome, I’ll test it again and report back in a bit.

Edit: Couldn’t reproduce this on my other computer, so can be an old chrome version problem. I’ll check back again tomorrow!

I’m using WaniKani Breeze Dark theme and the custom colors on kanji isn’t working.
It’s all blue:

It works fine when I turn the theme off:


Maybe you can fix it? If you can’t it’s okay, I will keep using it. :blush:

Thank you for reporting this, it has been fixed now.

Done, check out the new version.

Sorry I totally forgot about this issue until @Poikkax posted the screenshot, it should be fixed now


Thank you! :heart:

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It’s working now, thanks!

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In the images besides the first one, there are two different colours of kanji. What’s the meaning behind the different colours?

Oh i might have updated the post too many times that i deleted it by mistake, the script highlights all kanji in two colours, the first colour for gurued kanji and the other for kanji you didn’t unluck yet or still in apprentice
Edit: but that’s only if you have Wanikani Open Framework, otherwise it will highlight all kanji regardless (since there would be no way for me to know whether you gurued the kanji or not)