[UserScript] Advanced Context Sentence

Thanks! I’m going to implement next then, I’m planing to make it the default and fall back to the browser’s audio in case of any error ( which will definitely happen if google changed a single thing in the url )

Glad you liked it, for some reason i can’t install Opera on my Mac to test it for you. but I’m planing on using google translator’s voice any way and I hope it will somehow fix it for you

what a detailed review. strange, I use firefox as my default browser and found that rate 11 is the best and most natural. maybe it’s different from machine to machine or version to version? anyway, as I told Floregaku, I’m planing to use google translator’s voice. it’s much better and browser-independent

it would be hard to test compatibilities with other scripts, but I will have a look at this particular one for you since you brought it up.
Edit: I tested Markdown Notes but didn’t encounter any conflict, is it this script or am i wrong?

to be honest I’m not proud of the color selection at all, in fact i hate it. but what color would you give to a locked kanji? tell me what you think

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