Usage of reorder script on early levels

Hello everyone.

I just reached level 4 and in order to be quicker I used the reorder script to get the radicals done first.
I did that because when I leveled up I had 70 lessons, but getting the radicals require to learn all the vocab from the previous level. Since it takes +3 days to guru the radicals I can use that time on the level 3 vocab and the lvl 4 kanji & vocab who are already unlocked right ?
Is it something that is done or will it cause too much workload?
I want to go close to full speed until level 10/20 in order to quickly have the basics !

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Excessive workload is a result of doing too many lessons a day (and can get you in a vicious circle if you start to fail too many reviews because of that).
Imho, nothing wrong with tackling the radicals first. I did it too just not to be forced to wait with kanji until I guru the radicals. I didn’t reorder kanji and vocab lessons.

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I do about 20 lessons a day so I re-order to get through the radicals during the first day along with 6 kanji and then the rest vocab. I then usually do 6-8 kanji a day and 12-14 vocab each day. This usually lets me finish off the lessons by day 6 or so of the level up cycle. But I am also getting like 180 to 200 reviews a day, not including burns (since I haven’t got those back yet).


that is what you do in order to speedrun wanikani, yes. at least it’s the most common approach, some people just do all the lessons asap, but that’s even tougher.

when using a script to reorder lessons, it’s important to do the vocab anyway. but doing the vocab in the time before you guru the radicals is fine.

workload might indeed become an issue. at level 4-5 i was averaging less than 100 reviews a day, that is now (level 22) well over 200. lessons also become harder.

and remember that you’re frontloading the system. lessons you do now will continue to return for a long time.

but if you can handle the workload, there’s nothing wrong with going full speed…

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