Updates to Lessons, Reviews and Extra Study are live

Also, has the colour palette changed slightly? I swear the green in the reviews looks slightly different.


I just want to mention how satisfying it was to have ENTER as the universal “advance” button for lessons and reviews. Taking that away just feels wrong and will decrease the overall joy I’ve been experiencing with the UI.


I am crying as well. ;D

I don’t care about UI etc. But I need a way to correct my lazy typing.


Omg, third post.

What? The review summary is gone too? So whenever I make mistakes in my reviews, instead of being shown which ones I got wrong where I can easily go to their respective pages and ‘review’ the readings and mnemonics, I have to just… try to remember which ones I got wrong and right? Fine if I’ve only done ten reviews, but the vast majority of the time I’ve got a lot more than that.

That’s another feature I’m really going to miss, and don’t understand why it needed to go.


OK, it unusable. I have user synonyms wor every word, characeter and radical, more than 9000 of them, which became useless, As they contains accents in my language which is no longer accepted, the field is just shaking… Thank you very much for breaking my more then one year long work… Was it really neccesary???


I know a mobile app is another option, because it doesn’t just get updated.

Still, I can’t type on mobile as fast as on PC, regardless of finger size.


Two issues
My reviews now say: Nan
Every time I have a pairing correct I am “disconnected to wanikani”. That pairing disappears from the review count but all other answers are forgotten.

Oh, and no userscripts installed [ PC]
My mobile app can’t make any connection anymore at all.


The UI is fine with me, but the lack of lesson summary is a massive loss! I use the percentages as both a sense of achievement (awesome when you get 100%, or close to), and a motivator (when I’m getting a lower score, it gives me a kick in the butt). I also like to easily see where I went wrong - did I burn a load of older items but I’m mucking up freshly learned kanji? Am I getting all my radicals right but those vocab lessons didn’t stick?

100% behind making the site more accessible, but this choice seems really odd to me - doesn’t really slow anyone down; if they’re not interested in the summary they can just click right back to the dash.


I’m kind of liking the more vivid colors, but I really miss the summary page.


The UI looks nice, but I’m really missing the lesson summary you get immediately after a review.


I’m really missing the lesson summary. Is there any way to make the font size larger of the meaning and reading - that’s the most important part to me and it is really tiny.


I am really disappointed with the new UI.
I always liked pressing F, when I failed an item and instantly seeing the correct readings, meanings
and especially kanji composition on the left side. Now I have to scroll down everytime and open it up.
Huge downgrade for me :frowning:


I really rely on my userscripts, is there someway this can be fixed temporary, we revert back to a older update possibly


I like the option to use synonyms in lessons. Everything else seems to me to be more of a step backwards. Especially the non-usability of already existing user scripts is a big drawback. It would be nice if such changes were announced in advance, instead of going live on Monday in the middle of Reviews and Lessons.

I appreciate the effort that goes into constantly and diligently working on WaniKani to improve the platform. But a heads up next time would probably be in everyone’s best interest.


I do miss the summary pages. The main thing I used them for was to look at the list of things I missed and review them right away. That helped to reinforce specific items rather than having to go through the entire list of mistakes again. It’s also good to have the percentage of how many I got right. That let me know if I was getting tired and had to take a break. Thanks for your continuous improvement!

  1. It basically doesn’t work at all anymore on Safari 13.1.2, text entry doesn’t auto-convert to hiragana/katakana, and manually entering hiragana through the OS Japanese keyboard is not accepted either (it just moves on to the next item without any feedback). So now I have to use another browser which is kind of a pain.
  2. Why are the definitions (both primary and secondary) so small now when I expand the details?
  3. Another vote for the return of the summary page, I found it very useful.

i would have appreciated a warning before it explode in middle of my review.

The ui may be good on mobile but on a 16/9 pc screen not very practical.
i like to see the kanji when i made errors.

It looks nice but, i hope it gets better.


I applaud the idea, but for me the new layout has actually made learning harder. The script size of the things you need (like the meaning) is now very small and the info on the kanji that make up the sign seems to be missing. The old, slightly more subtle colours, also allowed for more of a flow, but that may be a personal thing. Is there no way to go back to the old version?


Reposting here, as it’s probably the more relevent thread than my original post:

I’m noting some visual glitches.

  1. A black outline now appears around the input box when it’s in focus (and looks pretty ugly.)
  2. For some reason the green in the “level up” popup is a slightly different green than the one in the main input (which also looks pretty rough - the colors are just similar enough to make it just look like a mistake, even if intentional)

Unselected (normal)

Selected (weird additional border)

Green of the “new level” popup:

Green of the input after correct answer: