Updated Pronunciation Audio Setting

We have just released an update that changes the way your preferred voice actor setting is handled. You can read more about the change here .

Note: if you used any scripts that randomised audio in reviews or lesson quizzes, they will no longer work. However you are now able to set Random as an option for your preferred voice actor.


Cool. Summary page when?


Screenshot 2024-04-04 101108


Should the key shortcut to play the audio also matches the audio settings? I made sure random in app settings was selected, and I would expect it to randomly play either male or female. Instead, it only plays one of the two, I have to click the other voice to hear. It would be great if every time I hit the key I got a random voice.

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I take it you are talking about the lesson slides and not the review or lesson quiz?! The choice about which audio to play is done on the server. When you press the play audio shortcut key it will play the audio that was selected by the server. If you reload the lesson page you may get a different audio if you selected random (you may also get the same one as the choice is random).

Hope that helps clear up how it works.

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I prefer to listen to both voices and am currently using a user script for that (WaniKani’s J shortcut, and I bound the second audio to K with the script). It would be nice if there was a built-in keyboard shortcut to play the second audio.

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This change allows us to have more than 2 voice actors for a given reading. As the number of voice actors could be greater than 2 mapping shortcut keys makes less sense. You can always access the items audio through the item info box during a review if that helps.

Yes, I was testing in the lesson slides not on reviews or quiz. Thanks for clarifying how the site decides which audio to play!
Still happy to have random audio added even if it’s per slide and not per keypress.


And here I thought Kenichi had been secretly replaced with a doppelganger around the time the audio for 水泳 was recorded (compare with 水深 or 公営)… maybe he just bought a new microphone or something.

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One always sounded like he just woke up, while the other sounds like he’s getting ready for bed to me.

You decide which is which.

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Tbh I’ve always thought there were two female voice actors already. 95% are one but I could’ve sworn there already was another different voice in there occasionally

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That’s true, but in 99% cases there are just two audio clips (some words have multiple readings, or missing audios, but those are exceptions).

I wonder about this:

Q. Which items will have Miyuki audio?

A. Most new additions will have Miyuki audio. We do still have some Kyoko audio for unpublished items, so we’ll be using that, but you’ll be hearing more and more Miyuki audio as time goes on.

I’m curious about the future of vocab in Wanikani. What kind of words do you plan to add now that you have a new voice actor? And what were the unpublished items and when will they be added? I would love to hear more about this!


Did anything else change with this update?
The site seems completely broken now, at least on Firefox.
Reviews no longer tell me if I’m right or wrong, the input field loses focus every time I submit an answer, and none of my progress seems to get saved.


Yup they’ve bust it completely, yet again. It seems like it expects English when it usually wants hiragana as well.

Total incompetence.

Good job.

Same! Came to say I physically cant do reviews on my phone now, like the website isnt receiving my inputs

Hi all! We’re aware of this bug and are working on a solution now. Thanks for your patience!


Well I didnt quite mean it that way :sweat_smile:


Came here to say the same thing, can’t do my lessons anymore. Tried clearing the cache & cookies, deleting all scripts, and reopening Firefox, and it doesn’t work. When I’m doing lessons the readings don’t convert to hiragana and when I press “enter” to submit it returns me to dashboard.

The solution is to test it before pushing it live.

I know that’s probably too difficult to do.

Anyway let us know when you have fixed it. It’s pointless doing reviews now.