Hotkey for male voice?

Whenever I press J for the audio, I get the female voice. Is there a way to assign a separate key (e.g. the next-door K key) to play the male voice?

You can set your default voice here:
Kyoko is the lady voice, and Kenichi is the gentleman voice.

Cheers. It would be great to hear both, especially since Kenichi seems to do the Tokyo “ng” thing. Not possible, I guess!

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They both do, but it’s more audible from Kenichi. If you have an Android, you can use the Flaming Durtles app, you can set the voices to random there.

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Really? I’ve only listened to a couple of hundred since coming back to WK, but I find that Kyoko speaks with a very clear hard “g” sound, whereas Kenichi has a very strong “ng” sound. あがる is just one example, but it’s been pretty consistent for the smallish sample I’ve tried so far.

I have a script which binds I to play the voice which is not preferred (i.e. Kenichi if you have Kyoko as default).

I have a script which randomises the voice actor as well




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Oh my oh my! Whenever this appears I get excited because. Well, you know why.

Totally using this. Thanks @Kumirei!!! :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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Perfect, thank you!

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Hotkey for hot male… now that’s a userscript idea. Sei, sei, sei, sei!


I will get Hard Gay as a VA and make a hotkey for his voice


Shouldn’t all the audio just be せい?


He’s retired and is now called “Hard Cis-Het”

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issue: the shortkey :information_source: plays the alternate actor voice, but its does not match the current word review! The J is working correctly.

Could it be that I installed both scripts above together?

Yeah, I just didn’t account for that since it would be a lot more work checking whether you have answered the question, whether it was the reading question, and matching it to the audio elements. I might fix it later, but it’s not a priority

Hi @Kumirei, I have a request.
Could you make it so the script works when doing lessons too?

Sure, I’ll have a look at it

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I have updated both scripts

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Still doesn’t work in lessons. I press the i-button but there’s no sound. j-button gives me my default audio. Am I pressing the wrong button? :eyes: They work fine in reviews, though.

I made it in such a way that it only works when WK usually lets you play the audio, so are you sure that J was working in the same situation where I was not?