Update to how we handle User Synonyms

Thank you, I did actually figure out the escape key on my own. It does speed up the process a bit on desktop. Can’t say the same for mobile, though.

I also noticed an additional annoyance the dialog introduces on mobile: opening the dialog always scrolls to the top of the page instead of leaving me where I was! This did not happen in the old-style input field (which is still used in the notes section).

See the video below for a demonstration:


Yes, this is a good point. I’m going nuts in another unrelated project with way too many modals. I agree that from a UX standpoint it’s best to avoid them when possible.

Providing a visible warning for blocked user synonyms is the most important thing, of course, however it’s done. That was a very welcome change.


@tofugu-scott Thank you for explaining the purpose behind the synonym management dialog.

I’m having an unexpected problem using this new feature.

When I learn a new item, before adding any new synonyms, I make fairly extensive meaning notes, usually including a list of vocabulary words or expressions related to the new item. Sometimes I make notes about possible synonyms to add later, after I’ve reached a better understanding of the meaning.

You can see an example of my meaning notes in this post from another thread

The quick or short Language Questions Thread (not grammar) - #4448 by nemurineko

Finally, after I’ve reached a better understanding of the range of meanings of the new item, I add synonyms while looking through my notes and selecting the ones that will be most useful for me.

I often use all eight slots for synonyms, sometimes using words from other languages. (I added ‘vuoristo’ for ‘mountain range’, since it is quicker to type.)

Unfortunately, since the introduction of the new synonym management dialog, I can no longer see my meaning notes when adding synonyms. The new dialog box completely covers that information. My meaning notes are now hidden behind a large dialog box, which takes up the whole screen. I can’t even shift the position of the window to see my notes.

The extra clicks are mildly annoying, but not being able to refer to my meaning notes when entering synonyms is a much bigger problem for me.

If I could move the position of the dialog window so that it didn’t cover up my meaning notes, that would solve the problem for me.

Is there any way that you could allow the dialog window to be movable? Does it really have to take up the whole screen?

I really like this change.

I didn’t know that there was a block list for synonyms and at first I was very confused as to why some of my added synonyms were still being marked incorrect.

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Is there any way that you could allow the dialog window to be movable? Does it really have to take up the whole screen?

Of all the possible solutions, this is by far the most difficult to implement.

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This is a really good change, thanks for doing this as I’ve used a plugin up until now!

Thanks for that information. I didn’t know that.

Actually I’ve just found a workaround on the desktop:

Right click on ‘Add Synonym’
Open link in new window
Manually move the window to uncover my notes


Some visual annoyances can be helped by editing CSS for

  • .wk-modal__background to remove dark overlay
  • .wk-modal__content to change modal position, e.g. move down. But to be able to drag would need JavaScript.
  • Open in new tab (target="_blank") can be added to turbo-frame.user-synonyms a[data-turbo-frame="modal"]
I put this in Stylus
:root {
    --color-modal-mask: unset;

.wk-modal__content {
    top: unset;
    bottom: 0;
    border-radius: 5px;
    box-shadow: 0 0 4px 2px gray;

.user-synonyms__form_container::-webkit-scrollbar {
    display: none;

It would be nice if User Warning and User Wrong lists can be added.