[Unsupported] [Userscript] Stroke Order Diagram

Having discovered this first on Chrome, I agree that this is a great script from @looki and that the proposed changes should get added for everyone’s safety.

However, I’d also like to flag that I doubt this will work on Safari either due to not parsing/passing the kanji correctly (console will log the kanji but doesn’t seem to make it into the URL) or due to the over aggressive implementation of CSP v3 by Apple. The script fails to get a 200 response for a page when loading JISHO content so the stroke order sections will error or be stuck saying “Loading”.

Sadly, not really much we can do here to fix it for Safari users but I’ll cast my eye over the script from @atzkey to see if I can work any magic for Safari users. Apple just love to make things difficult!


This script is really useful and I thank you so much for making it, but I keep running into a problem where I have to close and open the info tab again in order for the stroke order section to show up during reviews. Occasionally it shows up the first time, but 99% of the time I have to close and reopen it. I don’t know if anyone else faces this problem or if its just a loading problem, but yeah.

i downloaded this but i dont know how to insert it into the reviews lessons and kanji pages

I got the modified script that 1a355 posted to work in Safari 13.1.2 by using the fix from this post. :smiley:

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Many thanks - explains the errors I saw and finally gets it working!

Is anyone else having problems with this script? The diagrams don’t load anywhere anymore.

I am experiencing the same thing!

Yeah, same. It stopped working

The problem is mixed content (wanikani being https and classic.jisho.org, the site where the stroke order comes from, being http).
For now, you can enable mixed content (see https://docs.adobe.com/content/help/en/target/using/experiences/vec/troubleshoot-composer/mixed-content.html) to fix it.


I’ve stored the svg images in my github account, and modified the script and it’s working without mixing content enabled now.
@looki are you interested in merging the changes?

Thanks so much for this fix!

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Is it just me or did it stop working again?



Yeah same here, it stopped working for me as well

@looki I have a diff to fix this script to work with modern Jisho, as classic Jisho appears to be rejecting requests for the stroke order image. If you give me a way to pass you the diff then it would be great if you could patch the script so that others can update it with the fix easily.


Might be better to get someone else to maintain the script at this point, I don’t think @looki is active anymore. I’d say that unless they reply within a day or so just post it as a new script. Or if you don’t want the responsibility I could maintain it


@Kumirei お言葉に甘えてhere is the patched script. https://pastebin.pl/view/9c744145
It uses draws modern Jisho’s SVG diagrams using Javascript lifted from Jisho itself.

I ask that only @Kumirei upload this to greasy fork so that we don’t have a bunch of different versions floating around.


I have posted the new version to Greasyfork and created a new thread for the script. Thank you for the fix


Super nice script, thanks!


Hi guys,

Sorry for the chaos my absence has caused with regards to bug fixes etc. :slight_smile:
I don’t use WaniKani at the moment so I do not have plans to update this script. It seems like the community found a way to go forward with it, which is sweet :+1: I’m going to link to the fork in the main post if anyone happens to stumble upon this old thread, let me know if I can do anything else to make the transition go smoother.


I’ll take it from here o7