[Unsupported] Userscript: Dashboard Level Progress Detail (srs stages on progress bars)

I’m getting a reference error on init in Firefox 56 and Chrome 62.


I’ll put this on my todo list. Should be doable to maintain the kanji and radical items.

I had the same sort of issue. Did some manual edits to the style. Used chrome’s element inspect tool to display what parts of the css were killing the colors. It was mainly due to an opacity applied to a ton of items including progress bars classes. Removed the progress bars reference and adjusted the margins a little (though still not quite perfect).

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I’m not sure why this would be. @valeth. :s

If there’s a style fix that also doesn’t break the default styling, I’m open to CSS submissions. Thanks, @OtakuShowboat, @Powerpuncher.

Oops. I found the bug. Let me know if it’s fixed now. @valeth.

Well, the issue with Breeze Dark is that it marks a ton of stuff as !important. Some of your styles used in the script are being overridden by those. Test out marking your opacity settings with !important. That may clean up the color issue with Breeze Dark at the least.

Edit: Mark the background image as !important, too. Breeze Dark removes background images from basically everything. That’s the culprit of the lack of colors. The opacity settings should also be !important (for the Apprentice level items, at least) in order to override the flat 0.75 set by Breeze Dark.

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Overrides the vocab progression script which also appends to .progression. Not sure how it does it, but the vocab script does not work with this one.

A simple tooltip that tells you the SRS level and how many items are in it.
As a bonus, it’d be nice if the items were show as well.

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That will be easy to implement, @Powerpuncher. Not sure about tooltips including the subjects too (it could be a long list).

The reference error seems to be fixed, but I’m getting a different error now.


Did you mean window.WKHelper.api_key_v2.length !== 36 in the comparison?


Yep. I did. Thanks for the find. I fixed it.

I updated the OP. There are now tooltips showing the level name and counts, and also a bar to show what is locked.

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I don’t think emptying .progression is the right way to go here, since that interferes with other scripts. If possible I think you should just replace .radicals-progress > .chart and .kanji-progress > .chart and append the other bars to .progression below them.

Oh, and adding !important to the color and the background in your HTML solves the Breeze Dark conflict.


It’s working now, but I don’t think I will use it in it’s current form.
Like @Kumirei said, emptying .progression leads to all kinds of issues, like Dashboard Progress Plus (which is another script I absolutely need) being overwritten completely.

I think the better approach would be to just modify/override the .progress content directly, as this is pretty much the only thing that needs to be changed.

Also, (in order to make custom styling easier) I would appreciate if you could apply some class to the bars.
Something like .bar-apprentice1 or similar.
It can still be targeted by CSS, but it would make the whole thing a bit cleaner.


I’ll stop it emptying .progression sometime soon. Thanks for your feedback!


For some reason, it seems that the script is not working :thinking: I just did 12 Kanji lessons and they weren’t added to the lvl 28 kanji bar.

Thanks for pointing this out. It looks like my site is having performance issues. The script retries if the response takes longer than 3 seconds, and most of the progress bar requests are taking longer than that. :frowning: I’ll dig into it on the weekend.

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You haven’t moved away from .empty() yet, right?