[Unsupported] App Store script

I saw that thread. I’m keen to figure out recommending scripts via the App Store. Should be doable if I can get a lot of people to install the App Store, and a lot of script authors to add the javascript hook form the OP to their scripts. :crossed_fingers:

While we’re on the topic, you do have a script you wrote with a ton of installs to it… [Request Granted as Userscript] Auto-show context sentence when answered right Up for adding the javascript hook? :slight_smile:

The script writer is actually @nelemnaru, in the reply #4.

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Oops! Thanks for the correction, polv. This is the danger of writing code to scrape the forums. I assumed that the author of the OP was the author of the script. I’ll see about adding in a manual override to correct this for that script.

What code language do you use to scrape the forum? Also, it would be nice if I can write a Userscript.

So far, I use Python and JavaScript. Python for I/O for *.csv files, which I use a lot for Anki export/import. JavaScript for API handling, and some styling in Anki. Anki uses HTML, CSS and Javascript.

So, so far, I know a little Python, HTML, CSS and Javascript. I would not say I have much success in programming. I would say I am successful in Anki, though.

I have no basics in computer science beside some studying in college.

damn, those screenshots look really cool

you’ll probably also need some sort of blacklist, to filter out old, broken scripts. Good example would be #8 of the top installs, ‘Burn reviews’. That links to a broken script, but somewhere in the comments there’s a link to the forked and improved version by jonnydark. ([Userscript] Burn Reviews (ver 2.2.4))

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Good point, Mempo.:smiley:

I’m kind of counting on the community to help clean up the data. Let me know of anything that looks off and I can work in a manual override for the data.

This is a bug. On the very right, I am not a Kappa, but a Homura. (Should be pulled from Gravatar!!??)

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I just did a major update. The app store now detects installed scripts (yep, I download all the javascript to look for variables that get added to window and track the ones that are unique across all scripts).

It will now show you which scripts you have installed, and as a bonus show you which scripts you have installed on a different browser but not on this one (this was to solve my pet peev of missing useful scripts on my work computer):


@polv This also should fix the avatar styling. Let me know if it isn’t.

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I think it must be broken because wakinaki is not showing as ナンバーワ.

@subversity Hmm. (So far) it only supports scripts listed on greasyfork.

Oh hey, I was just being facetious - but I guess I found a missing feature :sun_behind_small_cloud:

I added a new section:


It’s a little skewed by the fact that the app store does not detect all of the scripts (I’m unclear as to which it can and can’t detect).

In fact, if you’re reading this and a script you have installed does not show up in your installed list, then please let me know (e.g. “It doesn’t detect WaniKani Real Numbers!”)

The more scripts app store can detect then the close it gets to being able to make meaningful recommendations, e.g.: “People who use script X also use script Y”.

Of course this is all much easier to achieve if script authors add this javascript snippet to their scripts:

    // Hook into App Store
    try { $('.app-store-menu-item').remove(); $('<li class="app-store-menu-item"><a href="https://community.wanikani.com/t/there-are-so-many-user-scripts-now-that-discovering-them-is-hard/20709">App Store</a></li>').insertBefore($('.navbar .dropdown-menu .nav-header:contains("Account")')); window.appStoreRegistry = window.appStoreRegistry || {}; window.appStoreRegistry[GM_info.script.uuid] = GM_info; localStorage.appStoreRegistry = JSON.stringify(appStoreRegistry); } catch (e) {}

Please do encourage the author of your favourite script to make this change! Thanks, enjoy!

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I made a major update to the UI. It’s now broken out into sections, and it’s showing more scripts in each section too:


Feedback welcome as always! What other sections would you like to see? I have in mind these:

  • Categories (e.g. dashboard scripts, reorder scripts, etc.)
  • Search

Also if you can improve on my icon choices (see https://octicons.github.com/) please let me know!

Edit: I added the categories page. Let me know if anything is miscategorized (or overly broadly categorized):


The categories are based on which pages scripts run against:

  • Dashboard
  • Lessons
  • Reviews
  • Level Overview
  • Forum
  • Other

Edit: Added a search tab too:

^^ it searches the name, description, categories, and author.

You can’t check whether the users have the scripts activated, can you? I have a lot of scripts installed that I don’t use

There’s no official way to detect installed scripts but I’m working on indirect ways of detecting them.

Hello! Thanks for the script! It seems awesome, but I’m having trouble using it on ViolentMonkey (Firefox). The app store page stays loading indefinitely. Is anyone else having the same problem?

Sorry to hear that, ICerejo. Can you post a screenshot of what loading indefinitely looks like?

Sure! That’s it:

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I just posted an update:

  • Fix page loading in Firefox. (Thanks for the bug report, @ICerejo)
  • Only show search bar on the search tab.
  • Include name is search.