Undertale in Japanese

Undertale has undergone an official Japanese localisation effort. Great Japanese practice.


They’re going old school with kanas only?

From what I’ve heard kana only was pretty common in the older days of video games.

I don’t really like undertale but there are a lot of switch and 3DS games that I have been/plan to use for reading practice once my vocab improves.

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So there’s not really that much kanji in Undertale? Or is it that different characters speak differently like in the English version,

Oh awesome. I wanted to show my girlfriend the game, but her English is not at the level where she’d get anything out of the English version.

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Each character has their own text style, as in the English version. Characters even speak using specific personal pronouns that I assume Toby Fox thought would seem natural to each character.

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Even though I already have this game I’m gonna get it in JP just for kicks. Also, is that a new monster at 0:44?? I don’t remember seeing them before…

This topic is a bit old, but I started to play it and while the characters speak in kana-only (so far), signs have kanji, so I guess there will be more kanji along the way. Nevertheless, it might still be a good practice for remembering words if you can only read them or listen to them, but don’t have access to the kanji (so it’s a good listening practice, kind of).

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