Typo in level 8 answer?

In my reviews on level 8 the “correct” answer for picture- gakaku in hiragana has a comma in it, so I am not able to type a correct answer. Typing in the comma brings up a list of previous correct answers so is not a way to get around the problem. Thanks for your help.

The comma lets you know that there are multiple correct readings for a kanji! So you can type in either が (ga) OR かく (kaku) and it will be marked correct.


It marks both those options as incorrect

Could you please include a screenshot?


I just answered for this kanji a few days ago. が was accepted with no issues.

I just checked all of level 8 kanji and vocab, and I can’t find anything taught on that level with those readings.

Edit: it’s very early though so I’m likely to be overlooking something

I second that a screenshot would be nice. ^^


Yeah 画 is a level 6 kanji.


Ah, check. Thanks. :+1:

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Thanks for the prompt reply it’s midday in Australia. I’ll sort a screenshot in a few hours. I can’t at present. Have a sleep in for a few hours :grinning::+1:

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If you’re typing in either がかく or が,かく that is obviously going to be wrong. It’s either just が or かく. Not some combination of both. I’ve done 6 reviews on this kanji and が was always accepted without issue for the reading.


There are a number of kanji with multiple readings separated by commas, so I imagine if there was a site-wide issue with that particular area, we’d start getting a ton of topics about 人, 月, and 力.

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I just worked it out. I just hadn’t thought the alternative thing through. Please excuse my intermittent dementia and thanks for giving such polite responses to an idiotic query.


It’s always possible for an isolated issue to crop up on an item due to some kind of bug, so there’s no harm in asking.


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