Typing ō and ū

Anybody knows how to type ō and ū? It’s pretty tedious to have to copy and paste them each time.

What do you need them for?


Type them in what context? Type them in your browser or some specific OS? There’s likely no universal way to do this.

Yeah, I don’t, if I can possibly avoid it. Most accented characters have an Alt code, which is what I usually use, but the vowels-with-macron don’t, for some absurd reason.

On Windows, the simplest option may be to install a Maori keyboard, because Maori uses those characters on a regular basis. On iOS, just long-press on the vowels, and the macron’d letter comes up as an option. On Mac, it’s… option+something+o? Not too sure.

Long press in macOS does the same thing as iOS to get the accent marks.

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On a regular old hardware keyboard? You don’t just get “ooooooooooooooooooo”? What if you want “ooooooooooooooooooo”? :slightly_smiling_face:

Yep. I have a Microsoft keyboard plugged in to my Macbook Pro and it works just fine.

I’m using an excel spreadsheet to keep track of all the stuff and generate some simple exercises like mixing the order of the kanji and the kun/on’yomi to try and put them back together in correct pairs. As such I use a mix of hiragana and rōmaji.

Honestly, you want to move away from romaji as early as you can manage.

That said, most of the internet just uses “ou” or “uu”, probably because ō and ū are so annoying to type.

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Why not just type oo, ou, or uu? That’s going to be the same amount of key presses as the shortest combo of shortcut keys. Doesn’t seem you’re saving yourself any effort there.

I guess…

If you’re using Excel, though, one option is to just add an AutoCorrect - it’s somewhere in the options, I don’t recall precisely where. Just set it up to automatially replace, say o- with ō. Or something like that, if you suspect you’ll be wanting to type o- and get o-…

I think I’ll just switch to oo and uu, I’m not really that attached to them

It’s “ou” more often than it is “oo”, so don’t confuse yourself by using “oo” for every long-o.


Plus the ambiguousness of ō is problematic since it can mean both oo and ou


It will kick in after the delay you have set in System Preferences->Keyboard. There’s a ‘delay until repeat’ setting.


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