Two months of daily progress

I’m pretty happy with where I’ve ended up after using WaniKani every day for two months. I’m currently level 8, but will probably hit level 9 in the next few days. I have more than 1000 items in review at Guru or higher, and I feel like my kanji recognition (when watching videos, etc) is probably where it ought to be - i.e. I recognize a few kanji and a few words here and there. When I listen to podcasts, instead of picking up just a smattering of words, now I’m hearing more, though my understanding is still very lacking.

I’m very happy that I’ve been able to maintain my interested and focus enough that I nearly always go to bed with 0/0 lessons/reviews. This is the first “system” or whatever that’s really captured me like this.

As I’ve mentioned in other threads, I don’t think I could do this at all without a smartphone. I do nearly all of my studying right now on my phone using the Tsurukame app for Wanikani, the new Jalup app for grammar - I’m at 305/1000 in the Jalup Beginner deck, and safari for JapanesePod101 (their app doesn’t track the course that I’m taking, which is weird). There’s also a JapanesePod101 AppleTV app that I enjoy watching/listening to with my wife.

As soon as I finish level 10 (in a few weeks maybe), I should be less busy in my personal life and ready to dive deeper to finish Genki 1 and start on my baby Japanese readers.

By my 50th birthday in February, I hope to have 500+ kanji under my belt and be learning intermediate grammar!


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