Trying to find a good game to play

I want to find a Japanese game that will I can play, I’m currently LVL 11 about to be LVL 12 and I started grammar only a week or two ago. should I wait for my understanding of the grammar to evolve or are there games I can play now, given I’d probably have to search some things up?

There are probably some games aimed at kids (like nintendo stuff) that would be relatively easy to get into, but realistically the reading is going to go very slowly since you just started on grammar. I’d definitely recommend at least getting comfortable with all the verb conjugations first, but if you’re ok with going slow and using a dictionary I think you’ll do fine.

got it I’ll make that my goal as of now I just finished learning about topic particles and I’m onto na-adjectives and i-adjectives. ありがとうございました。

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