Trying to figure out if my wanikani speed is alright

As a beginner in japanese im just wondering from your experience (people who also started as beginners and not ones who had vast knowledge before as obviously the accuracy will be different) what you think in terms of my speed on wanikani, im thinking that maybe im doing it too fast (too many lessons), but not sure…

Sometimes I feel like I might be doing it too fast and too much things at once because I tend to get alot of things wrong in my reviews.

Im quite busy in life and have many things going on so I can’t always make reviews on time and when I do sometimes I forget many things I learned.

So basically my question is, is this normal and ok? Or should I maybe be doing less lessons to ramp up my accuracy?

It feels like in each level there are kanjis or vocab words (probably 2/3) that I usually pick up fast and remember fairly fast and well, and around 1/3 of them I have troubles with and can’t get in my head as good… a few rare one of these might be really problematic even where I get them wrong like 5 times or more in a row.

Here are my accuracy stats so you can better judge the whole situation

So basically based on these stats what would you say, is it perfectly fine like this, or am I doing too many mistakes and should slow things down?


Go at a speed you find comfortable. It’s not a race.
Those stats are really good though.


Daisuke im fine with my speed I feel comfortable with it, I was just worried that maybe its too fast because I make too many errors, but if you say the stats are good then im reassured, that was my only issue and concern that it might not be good considering I make too many errors.

I’d only be worried about going too fast when your accuracy drops somewhere below 80%. Even then it’s debatable.

It’s not a bad accuracy at all, anything above 90% is good in my opinion. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that you can’t do even better than that.

One question: do you tend to do large amounts of lessons at once or do you do like 10/15 lessons a day?


Sometimes I do less sometimes more, usually I level up and then have a lot of vocabularies from the past level and have to ramp up the lessons.
I think most things I tend to make errors often on are things that I find hard to make mneumonics to stick with me, alot of wanikani mneumonics are just odd to me I tend to do many on my own and it works, but for some items I can’t seem to really make any decent one on my own or by wanikani’s recommendation, so I tend to struggle on those more.

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Have you read my guide to Wanikani? Specifically chapters 4 to 7. I think they have relevant information for you. There’s no need to ramp up on lessons at the beginning of a level. I think this could be a problem because one’s brain can only absorve that much info at once. If one is doing more lessons than they should, then othe brain might not be able to memorize all of the new content, which will lead to leeches in the future.

It also answers to “trying to figure out if my wanikani speed is alright”.

This is on chapter 7 of my guide, but in case you’re familiar with scripts, there’s the self-study script that will help you review the items you’re struggling with the most.

Hope that helps.


i started wanikani with only hiragana and katakana background so i can kind know what you are talking about. I started with quite fast speed and it bit me later on so i suggest to not do that. As for troubled kanji/vocabulary you can search forums to see if someone talked about them (i had one recently 光栄 vs 栄光)
Same with (上がる vs 上げる). Someone in the forums helped me differentiate between them. If you couldn’t find anything about it. Then just push through it. The SRS system is going to keep showing it to you till you momerize/understand it unconsciously…

You’re looking good to me! :wink:

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That’s normal. There are two types of items like that.

The first are items that are more abstract or that you have trouble finding a coherent story for. As they come around more often you can refine the story in your head to try and make it more memorable.

The second type are what we call leeches. They are items that, for whatever reason, we remember enough in the short term but that keep coming around again and getting failed on Enlightened or Master.

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