Truandissimo‘s Study Log

Book clubs! There have been a few different reads in the Absolute Beginner Book Clubs since Shirokuma Cafe, and often there’s grammar breakdowns included in the weekly discussions (especially early on). There’s where at least a quarter of my grammar learning has been this past year and a half.


thanks, Christopher, for the heads up! will check!

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Level 12. I will now finish all the vocab from lesson 11, take a one week break from lessons from level 12, and hit zero Apprentice, while mastering as many Guru items as possible.

Then go for 7 day levels again. Sort of a refuel break on the highway.

EDIT: not going for fast levels anymore. Will take it slow, I have other things I want to do. More reading, italki, grammar. I will try changing the order to Radical-Vocab-Kanji and see what it does to me. And maybe 15 lessons a day.


OK, I just hit zero Apprentice. Onwards!


Level 15. My new concept, which is having exactly 80 Apprentice at all times, is paying off.

Everything is smoothing out. Still have some bumps from previous lessons, but basically stress levels are way down. I will keep doing this and not worry about speed.


Nice! It’s often recommended to keep apprentice items below 100 to manage the workload, 80 sounds good as well, of course it should depend on the person.
Keep it up! :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Actually, I upped it to 100 this week, I can handle it at the moment. I am trying to find out if it makes a difference at all, speedwise, not sure it does. Because lets say (for simplicity) it takes you 8 days to level up, and you do 20 items every day, so you have 80 items after 4 days when the second Kanji come, and the first 20 guru.

With 100 it’s the same, you always move forward by 20, so all it changes is that you’re 20 items ahead. Which is only 1 day ahead when you get to sixty.

Right?..? Or am I missing something?

Wouldn’t it be one day faster for every level? Because the same happens again next level, unless you still have a lot of apprentice items left. Actually i think you’ll always have apprentice items left over from last level. So yeah, not sure how the math checks out :wink: but my intuition is that it should be a bit faster.

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So I hit 21 today and I‘m in pretty good shape.

Will take a break until my Apprentice hits zero and then continue, as I did 10 levels ago.


I decided to keep going, it was fairly easy. A few are shaky, but all in all quite a smooth ride.

And this is my load:


That graph is so aesthetically pleasing :smile:

Keep up the good work!