Truandissimo‘s Study Log

I‘m a quitter. Not on all fronts, but in Japanese. Start-stop-start-stop…

I read many threads here, an it depresses me to see people full of energy and highly motivated, who post in, say 2017, about how things are going great, only to stop shortly after posting, never to return, staying at level 8, level 12, level 21 - whatever it is, forever.

I do not know their story, and maybe they’re doing better now than they ever did, but:

I want to finish this. All burned.

So for my own sake, and maybe for some looking for advice, I will post here regularly and write how I‘m doing.

My rules are:

  • do WK and iKnow every single day
  • never question the why
  • never question my intelligence
  • never question my age
  • never care about speed or progress
  • do this for one year, then re-evaluate

For the record:

I started WK on December 15th, 2018
and today, on April 15, 2019, I am on level 16.

On iKnow I am at Core 2000, lesson 6.

Thanks for reading.






I suppose the mystery is solved.


And by the way, so far I have lived by my rules and they have worked quite well. I had some difficult moments, but I kept going.

I have a very busy life with two young kids and I am a self employed musician, so things can get hairy. But so far it all worked.

This is about the time when I usually gave up. 4 months. Hence this post.


Because there‘s too many reasons to why not.


So… you’re worried about giving up, before you even have thoughts about giving up?


Not at all. I used to give up, but I‘m not giving up this time.


It doesn’t sound like you need any advice. Your rules and mindset are good! Just gotta keep following through :+1:


Or ask one of us to kick you back in to it if you start slipping again :wink:


I just reset today after a long break… starting over sucks. I’m gonna follow through this time!


I will, thanks!

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Step by step…


I started WK 11 months ago, but ended up spending 133 days on level 8 during this past fall because I struggled to keep up with Japanese studies when I started the semester at a new school. This semester I am doing much better with keeping up with my reviews every day and I’m really glad I am. Like you, I am motivated to not be someone who gives up before level 60 ! I think you are right that consistency and not being too judgmental of yourself is important for success.

I think two other factors that you didn’t mention your post are setting goals and enjoying yourself. Last summer I started trying to read Aria with the book club here but could not devote enough time to it to keep up and so being able to read the entire thing is my goal now. I also make sure that I remember to have fun because that puts you in a better mindset for learning. :blush:


I feel you. At the end it all boils down to showing up and sticking to the original plan. When things get hard it’s easy to find something else, some other brilliant method discovered in some forum, praised by other people as the holy grail, when all you have to do is keep going.


You‘re absolutely right. Both extremely important points. So my goals for December 31st 2019 are:

WK Level 30
Core 3-4K (definitely 3K hopefully 4K)

Fun? Whatever makes me happy. At the moment it’s Italki.


Heyyy I started back in Nov/18 (almost december I think?) so we are pretty close. I’ll be looking out for your progress too.

I guess my 2 cents would be to enjoy it if you can, and have something to look forward too. Like a trip to japan or a book you really want to read in japanese.


I started in January and just hit level 13. Yeah, sometimes it’s crazy how many items can build up. Between commuting, work, choreography, bodybuilding, making time for myself (games, movies, etc), and friends, it doesn’t always leave a lot of time. I just try to do it on my commute and pepper it in at lunch and at night. My advice is to keep yourself immersed in Japanese pop culture, even a little. Watch shows like Terrace House on Netflix with the Japanese subtitles on. It’s reinforced so many kanji I’ve already learnt on WK and put it in a very natural conversational setting.


Thanks Victor I - will go to Japan in the fall of next year, so I‘m covered :+1:


Good advice, thank you :pray: I already started with Terrace House. Really great, indeed!

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