Transitive Verbs Should Be Standardized (Re: "Something")

I’m currently at level 28, and I started realizing that the answers have been becoming increasingly irritating.

Aside from many words (recently in review: 極める) having a great definition on Jisho that isnt used on WK, I have noticed a larger trend that has been coming up in this part of WK’s progression-- a change in transitive verb answers.

In the past, Transitive Meaning answers that were correct were marked wrong because the word “something” was not added. While a bit annoying, it is definitely a good way to train your brain going forward when distinguishing between vague trans./intrans. readings. But recently there have been words like 担ぐ that mark your answer as wrong for its inclusion-- yet also words like 任せる that will mark you wrong for doing just the opposite.

Does anyone else feel this should be cleared up? Are there existng, working scripts to get around this?


I have also run into this. You could send an email to wanikani or mention the mods in a tread where you point out specific instances of this problem and they will probably get fixed. There have already been several mentions of this in the past however and there hasn’t been a fix on a more structural level.

Personally, I use the doublecheck script to work around the issue.

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I couldn’t agree more. To some of them I’ve been adding synonyms but it would improve a great deal my learning if the “main” definition/translation already included the “something” upon reading the card. I could also mention that lots of them now are my leeches due to the “confusion” fact. Really annoying.

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