Vocab from next level not offered for review

I’m seeing weird behaviour, possibly a bug. I am currently at level 8, but WK has offered me in a lesson a vocab word from level 9 (欠ける), for a reason I don’t understand. I didn’t realise it at the time, I did the lesson, and now I have this item as “Apprentice 1”.

The really weird thing is that now WK is not offering it for review: it’s been a couple of days since it should have tested me on it, but it did not. My review queue is clear, but that item is not in it. Why did it offer me the item as a lesson, and then not allow me to review it?

PS: wkstats picture so the situation is clear:

They moved a few items around to higher levels a few days ago:

You probably did the lesson right before the item’s position got shifted. You’ll get the review again the moment you reach level 9 :grin:


Many thanks. And this is a good idea, because differentiating these verb pairs is sometimes difficult.


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