Toucan browser addon

I searched if anybody mentioned it before, but I couldn’t find any post.
I recently got an ad for an browser addon called Toucan which populates your normal English webpage with words in your chosen second language.
Personally and based on my own experience with language learning it seems like a perfect tool to learn vocabulary in more natural way without the burden of necessarily knowing grammar as in Satori and such.
Japanese is still in beta and I am sure, and seen, it’s definitely not perfect but I do find it very interesting and I want to see how it develops.
Free version has pretty much all the options and it doesn’t seem expensive to get the subscription either to me.
I am curious what do you think about it or have anybody tried it before?


Never heard about it before, but I’ve just installed it. It seems pretty neat. Thanks for sharing!

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If you haven’t already, you might want to check out Wanikanify - Chrome Web Store, a free Chrome extension for changing English into Japanese based on the kanji you have at a given level in WaniKani. I find it a bit annoyingly slow to read with it on so I haven’t used it much, and I noticed it seems to just translate at kanji level so sometimes you’ll see stuff that isn’t a good translation at vocab level, but I’m sure it could be useful.

I know wanikanify, but for me those do two different things. Toucan does not give you words you already know, or at least you are supposed to mark them as known and not get them.

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