Totally collapsed

In that case how about NHK easy news? It is beginner friendly and free. We have a corresponding thread here in the forums as well. It’s not exactly a book club but you can simply pick an article and ask questions in case something pops up. Or join the discussion on articles other people are reading.

Another option would be the free Tadoku readers. …and luckily we have a thread for those stories as well :slight_smile: Simply pick one of the stories and ask questions whenever they pop up. You can also ask people over there to join you reading.

In case you’re more into literature Aozora might be a good resource for reading. All the stories over there are free to read as well. We do have a thread that ranks the stories on Aozora by WK level so you can pick something that suits your level. Then, just start a new thread in the reading section and ask people for help or to join you reading :slight_smile:

And in case you happen to become interested in reading ôkina kani by Ôgawa Mimei feel free to join me reading that one. We already have a few threads on that story in the forums but I can’t see why we cannot start another one :sweat_smile: