Torii - SRS learning application for vocabulary


could someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong?


@MikkaT1 フォーク is spelled with a small ォ, you typed in a regular オ though ^^

Alright a new version is live. I didn’t have time to code any new features, so this update only includes the review session bugfix… Sorry for the inconvenience.


ah thanks a lot. I really didn’t notice the small “o”.


Makes awesome program for free.
Apologizes for pushing out bug fix.


Both, actually.


Hello @Rakantor! Thank you again for everything. I just wanna know why I can’t possibly add a synonym using hiragana. I would also like to clarify if writing a synonym in Japanese (once I am able to write a synonym in hiragana) for an English word would mean that it would be accepted as an answer. I want to know because I am only using the EN->JP reviews and it is frustrating whenever I’d be asked for the Japanese for RED, for example, and there was no way for me to know whether I was being asked for あか or for あかい. The same goes for other items like clothes (am I being asked for youfuku or just fuku?). How do I overcome such stumbles? Thank you very much!


Instead of adding kana synonyms for these cases, it would be better if the app was updated to include the words ‘noun’ and ‘adjective’, perhaps as a small subtitle below the word.

Non-related to this: I lost my 21 day streak on Torii :’( I’m on a trip overseas, so it was expected. Really loving the app. Thanks again @Rakantor


Yes, that will certainly work for these cases where there’s a clear noun-adjective different! But I’d still like to know how to add kana synonyms that will be accepted as alternative answers for the other words where other Japanese words should inarguably be acceptable as well. Again, thank @Rakantor for all the hard work!


@ecsamar @mztik Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. Both features you’re talking about are on the to do list and will be added at some point. I’m quite busy with university stuff atm, that’s why development has been postponed for some time.


Thank you very much! Looking forward to those updates, but, take your time, of course! Having created the app is truly more than enough.


I hate HouHou. Maybe I’m doing something wrong but it always crashes on me and I can’t add new things more than one at a time.


First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you! I think this app is great, these are minor errors I’ve found.

I’m using Torii on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, I can’t take any screenshots while using the app for some reason and it is using a different keyboard so I can’t swipe when entering English. Back button always exits the app, for example, if I click on stats the only way out of that screen is to exit the app and re-open. When you enter synonyms you can only see the last two letters typed. Sometimes I get something like a bug message that flashes up really fast but not long enough to read it. I don’t seem to be able to see what words I’ve already learnt until the review comes around, and then you don’t get to see the info again.


Some reason I havent seen this before. Looks pretty useful so im going to check it out. Ive been hit or miss with anki decks but this may work better with the core 10k .
Thank you!
Idk if you plan to make a iphone or ipad app, if so that would awesome.
For now anyway I do most of my Japanese stuff on my computer.


HouHou is really eh, its pretty outdated. I tried using it a couple months ago but didnt like it. The idea behind it is good but I think the developer is not improving it anymore. From the github link on the page looks like its been 2 years since any real bug fixes.


Is the app pulling its example sentences from tatoeba? Also, is there a privacy policy? If you require an account to be created, it would be reasonable to have one…


love your username! Loved that series. The food that got made in it looked so good :drooling_face:


@tashimi76 What Android version is your Galaxy Tab? You mean the back button of your device / on the keyboard? Please use the buttons in the app itself only. To get back to the main screen from any other screen (like the stats), click on the Torii symbol on top of the screen ^^

@Nyanpassu post #105 answers your question ^^

@anon38003452 No those sentences come from the original Core 10k Anki deck. Account creation only requires an email, which is needed for data synchronization and to reset your password in case you forgot it.


I think it would be a good idea to roll out a privacy policy to solidify that :slight_smile:


thank you… SO MUCH for this.
i’ve been struggling through the 10k anki deck because i know it’ll be good for me, but i just hate anki no matter how hard i try not to.


Ah makes sense. Forgot apple is little pricey there. I’m not sure what the overall demand if but if you added the ability to make your own cards then ill for sure be willing to pay $5 to download the app. Question is if you can get 20 people plus a year to buy the app, idk much about marketing apps.
Either way best of luck!