Torii - SRS learning application for vocabulary

Thank you SO much for this! I was getting really exhausted trying to find different ways to remember 下りる、下ろす、下る、下す all at the same time… this helps a ton!

I have a question about the JP → EN or EN → JP modes… For me, I think it’s best I do one mode at a time per review session, but does that mean if I get something wrong on the JP - > EN section that it will go down a tier in both sections? Or are they treated as separate entries now? I don’t know if I worded that well, so if there’s any confusion let me know. :slight_smile:

It looks like this app has a lot of potential, but please can you consider support ultra high resolution displays? It’s very rough to look at on my Mac

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Hello, I’m still really enjoying this app, but there’s one small thing that keeps tripping me up, probably because of how used to WK I am:
On WK, the reading and meaning bars are different colors, which is a good, subconcious thing to help me know which I’m answering. On top of that, the input bar has the low opacity “Your Answer” for meaning and “答え” for reading. I’m really missing that feature…
Like, if I stop and think about it, I know to answer with the meaning if I see kanji/kana, and to answer with the reading if I see the definition, but I don’t want to have to stop and think about which I should be typing.
And, yes, I know you have which type of answer you need in the bar, so I could just read that, but the SRS level indicator from the last word that was answered blocks it.

It’s just a nitpick, it doesn’t have to be a priority!

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How long have you been using the app? I thought the same thing the first time I used it. However, I got used to watching JP then translate to EN, and vice versa, after only 2 days of using the app. You don’t really need to look at the ‘Meaning/Reading’ bar at all to answer. It’s honestly a bad habit we have from using WaniKani.

I’ve been using it for two weeks now. I know it’s a habit from WK but I don’t necessarily feel like it’s a bad thing to cater to either. If I type でぐち when it was asking for me to type exit, I don’t feel bad for hitting ignore.But I keep hoping a switch will just magically flip in my brain and stop me from having a hard time with it, it just hasn’t happened yet :woman_shrugging:
Now that we have the option to do only reading or only meaning reviews, that that should help too.

Maybe I’m just lazy, idk.

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Oh, I thought I was the only one. It’s very much a subconscious thing for me, I tend to look at the bar color and make up my answer depending on that. That would be a nice little bonus feature indeed, but also for me not a huge priority as I’m sure, over time, I will learn to get used to not having it, like mztik did.

Edit: I’m also lazy, so might be that’s the reason indeed :thinking:

@Antigone Meanings and readings are treated separately now. You could ‘burn’ the meaning of a vocab without ever reviewing it’s reading and vice versa ^^

@robertjmorrison What exactly is the issue - is the text too small? I don’t have a 4k monitor for testing, but the application size should always be proportional to the monitor size actually ^^ Could you eventually post a screenshot of your display and the opened application, so I get a better understanding of your issue?

@Shadkat @Amenophyckxs I didn’t even realize the reading and meaning bars have different colors on WK :sweat_smile: Well WK and Torii work a bit differently in that regard… As mztik said, in Torii it’s basically: You see kanji/kana, you translate to english. You see an english word, you translate to japanese. Anyway, I understand what you mean ^^ I added your request to the features list.


I guess it’s a matter of what you focus on while doing reviews. Some might need that visual cue of the bar changing color, while others just ignore it completely and look at the kanji. It all comes down to what you’re used to, and that’s exactly what makes it harder to do it the other way.
Thanks for adding it to the feature list!

Also, as Shadkat pointed out, this is nitpicking, which only means that the app is really good, cause these are minor issues. Thanks for putting in your time and effort!


@Rakantor thank you for the response! It’s not the size… the text looks incredibly blurry. It looks like I booted up an old game or something. I have no idea if a screenshot will help but here it is: click

This is an issue a lot of software had when retina displays first became a thing. Photoshop looked like crap for a long time as did many others, it’s just the sharpness of the UI. If it helps I’m on a 15.4 inch screen with a 2880x1800 resolution.

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Heya Rakantor! Thanks a lot for all your hard work on this program, it’s quite amazing.

There is an issue I would like to point out that has appeared ever since the recent update. I am on Windows 10. 50% of the time when I am finished answering the final item of a review batch, the program will freeze and wont respond again until I force close it. The previous 9 items (or less) that i answered do stay answered, but the one that caused the freeze does not

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@Rakantor, how are the kana-only words ordered in each of the modes? :thinking:
This crossed my mind because in WK mode, they’d all be piled up at the start, right?

I am on Windows 10 and that happened to me also.

Hi I’m on Mac and this also happens — also if I accidentally click the play button it automatically crashes, and I’m not sure where the words went. I have to use enter to progress but after getting something wrong twice, it crashes. Also, is there a way to view archived words in case you archive something accidentally?

@robertjmorrison mhm I see… I’ll put this on the list of bugs and see what I can do. Thanks for the information!

@VegasVed They are ordered by JLPT level in all modes. In WK mode there’s an additional filter that only allows 2 kana-only words per 5 lessons, so they are not all piled up at the start.

@Midouri @kizschz Thanks for reporting this issue! As the application freezes but doesn’t crash, am I right that there’s no “torii_errlog.txt” file being created next to the EXE? I’ll have a look at this bug right away.

@ingridroo Do you mean the application always crashes when you click the play button instead of enter, or when you get something wrong twice?
Not yet, it will be possible at some point in the future ^^

OK, I’m confused then. The description for WK mode says it’s ordered by WK level. Thanks for the additional filter for kana only words :+1:

Yup that’s correct for words with kanji. It’s not possible to order kana-only words by WK level, as there are no kana-only words on WK. That’s why they are ordered by JLPT level ^^

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That’s correct, yes. I do not see any sort of error log text file in the folder for Torii

Also, i did some fiddling just now, not sure if you found it already, but the crash always occurs if i get the answer WRONG on the final question. It will crash as soon as i press the “>” button to go to the next item. I could mark it as to ignore and to redo, or just press it right way, but the result is the same, a crash.


Yup I figured that out by now, thanks for confirming anyway! The application also freezes when you click the skip button while there’s only 1 item left to review, or when you try to start a new session with only 1 review… I’ll have to release an updated version with the bugfix.

Btw, did the auto updater work for you Windows & Linux people or was there any problem? ^^

Yep, makes sense, ty.

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