Torii - SRS learning application for vocabulary

Hi Rakantor, first of all thanks for a great app. Really love the cross platform :slight_smile:
I was wondering if it would be possible to add sometime in the future an option to “Hide Kana” only for Kanji learned already on WK? That way I’m not tempted to just read the Furigana on every word but get forced to use my knowledge from WK while not being overwhelmed with not being able to read any of the newer Kanji or vocab that I have not come across so far.

Also I know that it is something you are thinking about for the future but I just want to pitch in that I would be happy for offline support as I do travel a lot and that would make learning with Torii stand out from many of the other services like WK & BP which I am using in addition.

Thanks and keep up the great work.


@lopicake You have a point there. I put it on the requested features list ^^

@Andulien There has been a similar request in terms of testing ones Kanji knowledge, which was discussed some posts ago. Hide Kana only for Kanji already learned on WK would require me to add WK account (API) integration. I’m not 100% sure if the reward is worth the effort to do so. I’ll check that. For now I added your request to the requested features list.

Regarding offline support, this is a feature I’d love to add but haven’t really looked into yet. I’ll have to see if and how I can make this possible, so I can’t make any promises yet.


If there’s such a thing then if you don’t mind I’d like to propose two features: Having example sentences show up during reviews and an anki mode.

Could you elaborate?

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Yes. The guy who made it explains it best here: [Userscript] Wanikani Anki Mode

Hi! Torii’s great! But do you think you could add the option to randomize the font during reviews, like Jitai does? It helps a lot with recognition and recall! Thanks!

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Ah! I have found it.

I will give it a try and provide any feedback I can.


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Which mode to choose JLPT or 10k? Also bought lifetime prime ヽ(*´∀`)ノ. Does 10k include All JLPT vocab or most common used ones?

P.S. WankiKani staff should hire you and give you more fundings, cause you did an AMAZING job it is better then Anki all packed in oner.

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Could we have a keybind to toggle kana on/off? Seems like an easy feature to implement.
Thank you for your work :slight_smile:

Hi! First of all: thank you for your hard work! I really like using Torii, since it has kind of the same SRS system as WK and makes studying Japanese vocab way easier (and I just really don’t like using Anki). However, I have a question. I’m not sure if it has been asked and answered already, I’ve read the a handful of the latest replies but couldn’t really find an answer to my question.

If I want to add custom vocab, I would also like to add the kanji, so that I can relate the hiragana and meaning to the kanji and the next time I see it somewhere be like “ah, this kanji means X!” So I would like to add the kanji as ‘vocabulary’, and then the hiragana as the ‘reading’. However, I cannot add any kanji, Since the hiragana won’t change to kanji when I finish typing. I also cannot use the Japanese keyboard of my phone (Android) or PC (iOS). Do I have to copy and paste every kanji or am I doing something wrong? It takes a lot more time to copy and paste everything.

Thanks a lot in advance!

@durtle I don’t like the way Anki works, which was a main reason why I made Torii. That’s why I also don’t like the idea of an Anki mode in Torii.

@matenoneko Font randomization sure is a great feature to have. I put it on the list and will see what I can do.

@DeHaos Thanks for your support! 10k includes all vocab of all JLPT modes and more. The JLPT modes will give you a solid foundation for the vocabulary part of your JLPT exams, notice however that those lists aren’t 100% complete. There will be words in the JLPT exams that aren’t covered by Torii.

@coobie Sure, that’s already on my list.

@Risa Torii has a built in Romaji to Kana converter like WK has, so there’s no need for a Japanese keyboard. I’m aware that a bunch of third party (Japanese) keyboards on Android are not or only partly compatible with Torii. Unless I make a native Torii Android app (which won’t happen anytime soon), there’s not much I can do about that. And yes, I’m afraid copy & pasting Kanji is your only option for custom vocab.



The example sentences seem to be for どれ instead.

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Yup, I just fixed that. Thanks!

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Anyway to review just one custom list? When I go to practice and select the list I want to review it appears to be using all lists in that session.

Also, how do I get my custom lists added to the overall list of works I want to study with SRS like I am doing with the study modes?

So you go to “Practice”, select a list, click on “Practice List” and then you’re asked for vocab that isn’t part of the list you just selected? :thinking:
Studying your practice lists vocab with SRS would mean you study those words 2x with SRS, which is counterproductive. The practice list feature was implemented so that certain words can be reviewed at any given time outside of the SRS schedule. I hope this is understandable ^^ When you add custom vocab, you can decide if you want to study it with SRS or not.

When I try and edit custom vocab, it instead opens up the page for a completely different word (that’s in the built-in wordlist).

Also, is it possible to add a word to the review queues, i.e. what I’m doing at the moment is searching for a word I want to add using the Browse button, and if it’s not there adding a custom vocab, which adds the word to my review queue, but if the word is in the inbuilt list, is there a way of adding it to the reviews, instead of waiting for it to appear in the lessons whenever it naturally appears?

Hmm… From which interface did you try to edit the word (Browse -> Custom Vocab)? Does it happen all the time or was it a one time thing? Does it happen for all your custom vocab or just for a certain word?

No, something like that is not possible at the moment but I’ll consider it.

Yeah, Browse->Custom Vocab. I tried on both Android and PC apps. Also relating to custom vocab, the same custom vocab items appear multiple times in my review session, and if I go to look at the vocab point later from Browse->Custom Vocab it still shows them as Rookie 1 and it says I’ve answered them correct 0 times.

Please write an email to and tell me the email address you used for signing up for Torii. I’ll have to take a closer look at those issues you’re experiencing.

I will send you an email with screenshots of what I am talking about when I get some time.