Too forgiving? 一割 = 1 percent?

I’ve been getting a pass saying 一割 means 1 percent.


The error checking seems to be a certain percentage of wrong letters, writing zenn instead of zen is marked as wrong, but for longer answers you can have several errors like flipped letters. “1 percent” has a single missing letter, perfectly acceptable. If you don’t like it there is this “no cigar” userscript somewhere where you must answer to the letter.


And now that you’ve made this post, I’m sure you won’t forget the meaning :wink:

They should put a message on there like “Your answer was a bit off. Check the meaning to make sure you are correct”.

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Huh, didn’t even think WK accepted numeral-y answers. If you’re worried about getting the wrong meaning stuck in your head, just switch to “ten percent” from now on maybe?

Having looked up this meaning for myself… How is a 1… a 10 percent? *tilts head* えぇぇ?
Seriously… I’m confused. Unless that kanji by itself means “10 percent” and therefore that vocabulary word is "one times ‘ten percent’ " … aka 10 percent. I’m 8 levels behind you, so perhaps that is the case…???

Yeah, it’s like saying “one tenth.” Not that unusual.

It’s a simple fraction - one tenth. As Leebo says.

ETA: I can understand the confusion, though, because the basic meaning of the 漢字 is “portion”; it just so happens that it also implies that the portion is a tenth, for whatever reason, in many contexts.

And for anyone wondering, the way to actually say fractions in Japanese is [denominator]分(ぶん)の[numerator]

So, one tenth in that format would be 十分の一 (じゅうぶんのいち)
4/7 would be 七分の四 (ななぶんのよん)


Good to know :slight_smile:

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